Ways to Protect Yourself From Bad Effects of Mobile Phone

Today’s post is not related to Symbian, It’s about protecting against electromagnetic waves of your mobile. In one day, If you’re talking with mobile phone more than 15 minutes, you may be in risk..

We can minimize bad effects with a few tips

In our life, mobile phones has an important place. I can’t imagine living without my mobile. I don’t say don’t talk with mobile phones. But we have to minimize the electromagnetic absorption

Here are some tips;

- Don’t touch the antenna while talking with your mobile phone. If you close the antenna, phone will circulate more electromagnetic wave. Figure 2 is showing the correct position

- If there is low signal on your place, Don’t talk with your mobile. If your call is urgent, you have to talk max. 10-20 seconds.. In low signal, Your phone is circulating 6-7 times powerful electromagnetic wave

- Try to leave a distance between your phone and your ear

- Learn your SAR value. If it’s highger than 2.0W/Kg, change your phone immediately (for ex: Nokia N95 is 0.59W/Kg) Nokia has a list of SAR values. You can learn your value in this page (There is no Nokia Phone higher than 2.0W/Kg)

- If you have to talk with your mobile phone more than 1-2 hours, I hardly recommend you to use headsets. That will definitely protect you against electromagnetic waves (I’m always using headphones)

I gave you some tips. If you know more please share them with us..

Please apply these tips as possible

26 Responses to “Ways to Protect Yourself From Bad Effects of Mobile Phone”

  1. 1 Ivan

    If I use a bluetooth headset, i am protected against electromagnetic wave ???

  2. 2 bily4b

    never sleep and your mobile phone is near at u your head
    some ppl do that when they charge the batty of mobile

    try to net let ur mobile phone touch your skin i mean ear

  3. 3 drunz AUSTRALIA

    You could switch to loudspeaker mode too, during a call, to avoid being exposed to electro waves.

  4. 4 Balu AUSTRALIA

    Thanks For Info…

  5. 5 Reda

    Yes you are better off because the transmit power of a bluetooth headset is a lot smaller than the transmitt power of your mobile phone. just image that the mobile phone has to “talk” to a base stations miles away whereas the bluetooth headset has a coverage of few meters.
    Best way is to use the loudspeaker and keep the phone as far from you as you can…
    remember to be informed as much as you can, not concerned as much as you can ;-)

  6. 6 michael UNITED KINGDOM

    there isnt actually any evidence that mobile phones will harm you

  7. 7 Dbug GERMANY

    there isnt actually any evidence that mobile phones wont harm you

  8. 8 SteveM

    Great article, nice to see someone concerned about this issue. I know of 2 people(one a good friend from highschool) who died of brain cancer and were known to use the cellphone all the time at their ear. It’s proof enough for me. Anyone remember how acceptable smoking was back in the day?

  9. 9 Ceasar

    I don’t remember the name of the documentary but they showed that small doses of electromagnetic waves CAN be good for you. When it’s lower then 100 something then there is no problem and mobilephones don’t circulate that much anyway.


    try to keep phone away from your chest. hold in pants pocket if u sleep while phone is on at least get away from your head about 50 cm

  11. 11 Hlorri UNITED STATES

    Thank you for the article; good general tips.

    Yes, there ARE studies showing that RF waves (and specifically, those from mobile phones) can cause various disturbances (e.g. to your immune system, your ability to sleep, and the risk of brain cancer). There are of course other studies that do “not conclusively” show such link; unfortunately the way these are presented by the cell phone industry implies that these studies have concluded that was no link. That’s inaccurate. (For a couple of studies, try searching Google for “884 MHz GSM”, or “RF” and “immune system”). In either case, given conflicting findings like these (as with tobacco), it is probably best for your own sake to apply the “precautionary principle”..

    More to the point of your article, though: A phone’s SAR rating is, at best, a bit misleading. First, because this is something that manufacturers normally do at the behest of the FCC (the US agency that deals with communications), it is normally measured in (and only in) the 1900 Mhz GSM or CDMA bands. This is primarily useful for people in the USA, since this is the highest frequency band used by mobile carriers here. (Others include 800-900 MHz and 1700 MHz). In particular, W-CDMA (used to carry UMTS/HSDPA, a.k.a. “3G”) transmits over 850/1900 MHz in the USA, and 2100 MHz internationally. Further, because WCDMA radios transmit more RF than GSM radios, handsets that are US “3G” capable will inherently have higher SAR ratings than handsets capable of international “3G”, since the only signal measured in 1900 MHz on the latter type will be GSM signals. That does not mean that they are more safe; on the contrary, probably the opposite is true (given the higher frequency).

    Bluetooth headsets are normally “Class 2″, i.e. transmitting at 2.5mW, while cellular signals are in the ballpark (depending on conditions, technology, etc) of about 100mW. On the other hand, Bluetooth frequencies are in the microwave range, close to the 2.48GHz resonant frequency of water (and so could potentially heat you up a little bit).

    So is WiFi (it nearly overlaps with Bluetooth as far as frequencies go); and it typically transmits at 10mW or 100mW (the N95 has two options under Advanced Settings). This would potentially be even worse than plain old GSM signals if positioned next to your head, or at your bedside at night.

  12. 12 RedBirdiii BAHRAIN

    I heard that you have always to use the left ear.. I don’t know why is that..

  13. 13 Irosha Ranawickrama SRI LANKA

    Useful information…

  14. 14 charlotte UNITED KINGDOM

    use loud speaker or bluetooth to stop this from happening

  15. 15 charlotte erith school UNITED KINGDOM

    i think you should use head phones or loud speeker to help prevent this !!

    charlotte erith

  16. 16 David Litchfield UNITED KINGDOM

    Head sets can be worse than using only the phone. It has been found that the headset cable acts as an aerial, channelling the phones RF into the ear. Search this site http://www.which.co.uk

  17. 17 Jason UNITED STATES

    there isnt actually any evidence that mobile phones wont harm you

  18. 18 dj wuppie 1984

    with the n95 goto connection settings for wifi, there change the advanced wifi options with the left menu key (does not show up at all if not noticed this way)

    Change power from 100mW to 4mW for wifi, saves your battery too.

  19. 19 dj wuppie 1984

    with the n95 goto connection settings for wifi, there change the advanced wifi options with the left menu key (does not show up at all if not noticed this way)

    Change power from 100mW to 4mW for wifi, saves your battery too.

  20. 20 peterson odhiambo

    your article is very informative and helpful.please keep sending me such information on use of mobile phones to email i have given

  21. 21 Willie

    As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you

  22. 22 ayman

    thank for this info

  23. 23 Dipali UNITED STATES

    its very helpful for me..!

  24. 24 Pradipta Chatterjee

    There is a layer consists of cells named “Blood Brain Barrier Cell” acts as an important filter of brain. Only required things(viz. water, blood, other molecules etc) are get permission to go inside brain.
    So that if we talk over phone for a long time then electromagnetic waves directly attack to that layer. As a result the layer becomes weaker & weaker. It causes brain tumor or other diseases. So it’s better to talk over phone by using head-phone in case of long time conversation.

  25. 25 nashifa khan INDIA

    thanks for this great information !

  26. 26 shagufah.mazin INDIA

    i love you too much for your great information :-0

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