Tunin.FM - Online Radio Player + 200 Radio Channels !!

Today I tried the best online radio player “Tunin.FM”. They provide more than 200 radio channels;

There is 4 type streaming; Lowest, Low, High and Highest bitrate

Highest Bitrate streamings are perfect. If you use headphones, you can notice the quality of sounds,

Download: tuninfmint.sis

15 Responses to “Tunin.FM - Online Radio Player + 200 Radio Channels !!”

  1. 1 andreyutzu ROMANIA


  2. 2 KARL


  3. 3 Lucas Fontenele

    uowwwwwww thats great in n80 ;) veryyyyyyyyyy good


  4. 4 Marcos Dias

    eu quero testar

  5. 5 oORodmaNOo

    guys tell me what is the stream size of this radio?
    i’m just restricted by the operator for the amount of trafic that i can use.

  6. 6 admin TURKEY

    @ oORodmaNOo

    It depends to the radio station. But radios in top10 list are using 3-4kb/s

  7. 7 Robert UNITED STATES

    Doesn’t work on E61i firmware version 3.0633.69.00 RM-227.

    Loads fine and starts up fine but only streams for about 15 seconds before freezing the browser. Sometimes it locks up the phone to where it reboots.
    Great app if it works on your phone.

  8. 8 trev

    Wow !! just downloaded this and it is brilliant app…i have had trouble with nokias internet radio on my n95, but this seems to connect to stations fairly fast too…only one problem though, i can only play the top ten stations, when i try the other 200 stations nothing happens??? anyone else having this problem?

  9. 9 Tamara UNITED KINGDOM

    The best ever Radio Station in the World. All station working perfectly with Iphone 3G.Thank you so much

  10. 10 ejc110

    quisiera our radio de Mi pais Ecuador deportes


    hey guys i installed this on my nokia E90 i love it i get to listen to music at work via the wifi network in are warehouse and still have my blackberry connection going and the sound is great. the music selection is really good. i even use it when i am sitting in my office. makes time really fly fast

  12. 12 Yas

    How can I get it on a mac computer

  13. 13 rudy AUSTRALIA

    volume not working on nokia 5800 xpressmusic

  14. 14 noname

    Really best onlne radio. Greatings from Serbia, Belgrade

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