Skype Mobile for S60 Devices

Skype has released Skype Mobile Beta for S60 3rd edition devices. It’s coming with a great design

This version is beta. But i didn’t noticed any problem yet. You can’t make free calls. You have to load credits

Here is some screenshots of Skype Mobile Beta

Chat feature is not useful. When you want to type something, a new window is appearing

You can also add contacts and modify your profile with Skype Mobile

I can’t wait for the full version. I hope they will add File Transfer feature. They have to also fix typing bug. But I really liked the design of Skype Mobile

If you want to Download, Go to this address and fill the form. ( for Nokia E60, you can select Nokia N80)

Or you can Download with your phone’s web browser on

25 Responses to “Skype Mobile for S60 Devices”

  1. 1 Balu AUSTRALIA


  2. 2 chris THAILAND

    On my E61, I can’t type anything, so log in is impossible.


    Sadly this version does not support the E61 yet. It doesn’t appear to recognise they keypad so you cannot input your msn username and password :(

  4. 4 whq

    y, cannot type in my E61 too. querty keyboard is ignored…

  5. 5 tpalice

    It’s great! Thank you for this wonderful news!


    Unfortunately this mobile is a bit of a disappointment and isn’t a VOIP client.

    Calls to the phone are routed via Skype’s network and received on your regular phone number. Outbound calls are routed via a local number which you dial.

  7. 7 Patrik Morska Zvezda SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO

    You can type with e61 it’s stupid way to do it but it works, just hold function key (blue one) and type, you can use only numeric keypad. (example - on 3 you can find D,E,F …)

  8. 8 Vajid Manga

    I think Skype could have done better with this app considering their reputation.. it’s a bit of a let down honestly. With my N95, there is no call option at all. I can add contacts, view them, edit them and everything possible but cant call them :S

  9. 9 roy MALAYSIA

    It only supports skypeout and recieve call features using skype credit besides the free chatting features.

  10. 10 Mike ITALY

    To activate the keypad on the Nokia E61 or E61i you must activate the numeric pad using the blue key (bottom line left). Now you can digit you user name and password like a normal mobile phone. The number ‘2′ makes ABC the ‘3′ makes DEF ‘4′ makes GHI and so on ….

  11. 11 Francis Wilson UNITED KINGDOM

    Fab appliction for chatting to your friends on skype BUT When you call to some Skype contact application will create standard call to local access number in your country (if your country is supported) Im from the UK so it works for me but it will cost you as typical local call WHY cant it be done over wireless/wifi, The only reason folks want Skype on their mobiles is NOT to pay local fee for connection !

  12. 12 Mexesaid

    Please help me .

  13. 13 me

    can you make VoIP chatting with that?

  14. 14 Marco ITALY

    “The only reason folks want Skype on their mobiles is NOT to pay local fee for connection !” Use FRING for SKYPE/MSN etc… WI-FI supported!!!

  15. 15 Marcin

    I can’t run it on my N95 (invalid jar file)

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  17. 17 david TAIWAN

    can E71 user select N82 or N95? Since they all run on S60 3rd edition, feature pack 1, and Symbian OS 9.2?

  18. 18 Sven

    I agree, skype could have done better. Wi-fi enabled N-95 could bee great for skype to skype calls, but you can only chat!


    Can someone download for Nokia E61 & post the direct link to another web site because skype is block here by the national isp… UAE

  20. 20 dave UNITED KINGDOM

    i just downloaded the app directly to my mobile from the mobile site via wi-fi, my phone is Nokia E51, however i selected E61 option, it downloaded, installed and is running fine, call out, call in, and chat options are all active and appear to work fine, over GPRS, UMTS or wi-fi !


  21. 21 trading guru

    anyone test this out

  22. 22 oriental trading

    I’ve never given this a try, but I think it’s about time I do.

  23. 23 Symbian

    my Nokia Nst-4 have built-in Skype

  24. 24 Vaidyan UNITED STATES

    Not made for qwerty key pad
    no use for my Nokia E61

  25. 25 Don

    i have old “Star Torrent” with Skype and very small screen 160×128…..

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