Nokia N96 Software Update - v11.101

With this update; you can use Nokia Mobile TV application. Firmware v11.101 is fixing a few bugs in previous update. It’s the second software of Nokia N96;

Don’t forget! This update is not available for all countries. You have to check it with your N96’s product code

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I’m still waiting for other improvements. Please share them with us..

12 Responses to “Nokia N96 Software Update - v11.101”

  1. 1 Jala

    I update the software, but I’m facing problem with call log, if I switch of the mobile and turn it on again I’ll lose all numbers in the log


  2. 2 Jonathan Weelen

    cannot download.
    Fault with nokia parent?

  3. 3 viorel IRELAND

    i have apdate my n96 but i have problems with the wirles wizart and i think it is a comun problem and the phone it self it is not theat good i stil iuse the n95 because the n96 it only cazing problems with bluetooth,wlan wizart,tv tuner etc ,to many problems for what it sopuse to bee tha latest phone from nokia

  4. 4 hadi alshaby

    can tell me wath i can do when i lost my 16 g in my mobile

  5. 5 jose FRANCE

    i have a nokia n96, it was working well but a few weeks ago it was off in the morning when i woke up, i’ve pressed the botton to turn on and the the screen light appears but still on and nothing else happen, it stays on all day and can turn it off i took the batterie out and put it back again, same prob, left it out for 2 days and when put it back it worked again but just for a few hours then gone off again and the prob starts again, i’ve updated the software but doesn’t fix the prob.

    if anyone can help please

    sorry about my english

    thanks a lot

  6. 6 jibran khalid

    i have a nokia n96, it was working well but i rest(restore factory settings)it and after restarting a white screen appear it does not go furthur. i remove its batter and install again but only white screen appear. some of my friends say that its software is washed out
    any one can healp me?
    sorry about english

  7. 7 maqsood

    hi friends
    if u have a problem in your nokia n96 batter u please update a new version available in your nokia mobile updater software
    that comes in your nokia pc suite. install in your pc and update
    then your phone working good and fast.

  8. 8 Morteza

    i want new version nokia n 96

  9. 9 Lelive

    I’m having a problem with my Nokia N96- it is unlocked and connects with all networks except Three (Ireland). I have tried sims from Vodafone, Metior & O2 with no issues. Any suggestions.

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