Nokia N95 8GB Software Update - v31.0.015

Nokia N95 8GB is getting the latest update v31.0.015. An approximate changelog has been released

Approximate changelog:

- Closing of the SDK security ‘hack’ for jailbreaking personal devices
- Minor bug fixes and cosmetic improvements
- Photo quality improvements (assuming same algorithm tweaks as for N95 classic v31…)
- Better browser stability and speed improvements

After installing firmware v31.0.015

Approximate changelog is taken from

Please share your experiences and comments about the latest update v31.0.015

Download Nokia Software Updater to get the update v31.0.015 for Nokia N95 8GB

18 Responses to “Nokia N95 8GB Software Update - v31.0.015”

  1. 1 NikMan SLOVENIA

    SecMan 1.1 is not working! Nothing else new! I have tested camera in bad light condition and nothing better!

  2. 2 admin TURKEY


    After the update, my n95 8gb works very fast.. especially in web browser.. surfing in N95 8GB is definitely much faster now..


    with this firmware u can not hack the phone anymore! you should write that in the tread!

  4. 4 NikMan

    OK, after few days after updating I have noticed:

    - backup is working again (before it didn’t and I have reseted the phone)
    - browser is for me the same
    - three trial games are installed (fifa08, asphlat3 and snakes)
    - nothing else new
    - secman is not working :(

  5. 5 jamal bolofa


  6. 6 jamal bolofa

    merci d’avoir nous aidre a mise a jour de notre telephone

  7. 7 iron_zorro

    can this version be hacked with hello carbide, if anyone knows please aswer me!

  8. 8 najma

    nokia is lovely

  9. 9 steve INDIA
  10. 10 johann tran

    I have get Nokia Software Updater v1.6.11,but when i use it i see:

    Firmware version
    Current : 10.0.021
    Update : 20.0.016

    I haven’t seen Firmware version 31.0.015 yet.Please tell me why???Thanks alot!

  11. 11 olli

    I updated only today, and I got no connection to my network anymore. I cannot make calls, whatsoever!

    I have a ex 3-phone (swe) and ‘unlocked’ it with a smartsim…

    What is the trouble?? I might do the install again, but I’m affraid I’ll have to get to the shop to unlock it, is that so???

  12. 12 هاشم

    الف شكر وشكرن لابداعاتك

  13. 13 ahmad

    i love u

  14. 14 Ricardo

    About the Nokia N95 8G the latest update v35.0.001

  15. 15 Charles Griffith UNITED STATES

    After update Web and WLAN stopped working and can’t get updates from T-mobile usa because phone says the email is in unsupported format! Everything worked fine before and manually setting access point settings don’t work. I don’t think you can roll back this upgrade but it’s no good! T-mobile tried everything but says this is a Nokia tech. problem. -PISSED

  16. 16 ali

    after update version…can date will be erase ?

  17. 17 Musharraf UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

    Dear Sir,

    I was getting the latest update v31.0.015. Nokia N95 8GB on 19/09/2010.

    But accidently I click wrong option without taking backup & lost all my phone data which was very important for me.

    Is there any option/software to get the recovery for my lost data.

    Waiting for your reply,

    Thanks & Regards,


  18. 18 John UNITED STATES

    The latest firmwire work fast! Perfomance is doubled in 7 bar/fully recharge. ’share online’ is being displayed infront *on v 11 there are no such thing* camera quality improve, if you take a pic outdoor, you’ll get 1-2mb per pic.

    If you can’t see the updates, try click start and search ‘local service’. After than try searching ICS. After you find it, right click it and click ’stop’. Try NSU, it should see the latest FW. you can start ICS back once you’re done with your update.

    This version still can be hacked without downgrade it back.
    1) go to *its in chinese but it easy to umderstand*

    2) enter your imei by pressing *#06# & enter the security code

    3) be patient as it take 6-12 hours to get your certificate *you can enter your imei anytime if you think your certificate already been deliverd*

    4) once succed.. there will be like 3 line/link on top, click the first link and it will download your certificate. *it should contain .cer & .key*

    5) put hellox 2.3, the key & certificate to your phone. Either you put in on phone or memory its still the same.

    6)search signsis on the net and install it on your phone.

    7) open signsin and find your sis file which is hellox 2.3 unsigned, the key file & certificate. Then click sign. It should said ‘operation succed’.
    8) go to the place where you put your hellox, by now you should see two hellox there. Install the one with .sisx

    9) after installing run hellox & if you like kinda hang on installing root certificate in more than 15-20 sec, just cancel it and try again.

    *once you hack, try search 10282EDC.txt, it can improve photo quality. Read the tutorial on the net.*

    Good luck & all the best!

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