Nokia N85 and Nokia N79 Software Update v20.175 is Available

Yesterday, I informed you about Nokia N79’s Software Update. It’s now available for Nokia N85 and Nokia N79 on Nokia Software Updater

Here are some new fixes according to AAS Forum

1. Putting the phone on silent/on charge/or on USB mode no longer stops the keypad from lighting up.
2. The phone seems slightly faster to boot up.
3. The phone seems more stable when listening to the music player.
4. The photo album no longer crashes.
5. The internet telephone option brings up a list of providers which on mine was limited to “Gizmo5″ only. Went through the account signup procedure etc.
6. There’s now a dictionary installed on the phone which lets you lookup words and translate into other languages. Some icons have been changed. The phone now also has more tilt control with the ability to silence incoming calls and also snooze the alarm.

This update is not available for all Nokia Phones. Some countries may not allow for this update

Version 20.175 is supporting OTA. That means you can make the update without plugging your Phone to your PC. If you want to make it on your PC

Phone Screenshots are taken from

Download The latest version of Nokia Software Updater

23 Responses to “Nokia N85 and Nokia N79 Software Update v20.175 is Available”

  1. 1 Sigmar

    any changelog for the n85?

  2. 2 admin TURKEY

    Here is the changelog

    Bugs fixed:

    * Cannot display sim contact on U-Sim (1000 contact sim card) when switch another UI language
    * Dialing 110 customer care phone redirect the call to be an EMERGENCY CALL
    * Music plays in speaker when receive sms under silent mode
    * Smartone foneTV video not restore after end MT call
    * Audio is improperly routed from headset to speaker when receiving a SMS message
    * Phone hang during accessing Nokia Maps application in SW 11.049
    * Cant access sim card contacts
    * Can’t input Chinese character “丁” by stroke input
    * Themes: Audio Themes, when select Nokia - “Several sound files Missing” appears

    New Features:

    * Bookmarks updated to remove Download link folders
    * MTP configuration to enable Social Cinema support
    * TARM in 3.2 based devices
    * Email plug-in functionality
    * 7-bit encoding of Turkish characters in SMS
    * TP Wizard to check availability of Nokia email service
    * Media player default settings changes
    * 2 New vanilla CTRs, called: EGYPT NO-GPS (releases MEA datapackage)
    * 2 new codes : SYRIA NO-GPS (releases MEA datapackage)
    * Memory card ID change for Indonesia CTR’s. was MC001 and changed to –> MC002
    * Update Bookmarks for China PRC Vanilla Core SW
    * Files on Ovi Widget
    * S60 3.2 based devices - Making Gimlet visible in Settings Wizard selection
    * Turn “PnP Mobile Services” On
    * S&S Application updates
    * MPX player not accessible when USB cable connected

    SW improvements and corrections:

    * Active Idle
    o Search & WLAN information difficult to read in Active Idle.
    o Active Idle screen becomes blank in landscape mode.
    o Default Active Idle shortcuts configured.
    o Active Idle going dead after quickly accepting and rejecting an incoming video call.
    o White boxes shown on the screen while doing orientation change quickly in idle mode.

    * Application Manager
    o The sis file which is installed to MoviNand or SD card cannot be seen in application manager.
    o Wrong Feature Manager flag used for seamless link functionality.
    o Flashlite sis installation is not successful in the first attempt.

    * Application Update
    o Unable to upgrade graphic icons in Media Player / Media Settings via sis file.
    o Unable to upgrade ROM based UI application by installing new version to memory card.
    o Application Update self-update never completes.
    o Upgrade of BrowserAudioVideoPlugin.rsc via sw installation is not possible.
    o Upgrade of Connection Manager via sw installation is not possible.

    * Audio Performance
    o Tunings improvements for IHF audio.
    o Keypad tones cannot be tuned for IHF.

    * Auto-Rotate
    o UI Accelerator toolkit (Hitchcock/Alfred) stub file missing.
    o Locking keys and then opening camera reveal confuses orientation sensor.
    o Disable orientation in alarm ringing, incoming call and semi active state.
    o Panic after orientation change.

    * Bluetooth
    o Bluetooth headset disconnects when Wireless Keyboard is disconnected from the phone automatically.
    o Phone panics when changing views in Bluetooth menu while choosing the last connected device from paired view.

  3. 3 Marinkina

    Качество друзей тоже надо учитывать. Дональд Трамп, например, на двадцатку потянет.

  4. 4 RouRy

    I Have Nokia N79 And I Just Updated My Phone To The Latest version But Still I Can’t Find The Dictionary You Are Talking About.

  5. 5 Yorikk

    Просто замечательно - очень интересные мысли

  6. 6 Dimmka

    Захватывающе. Зачет! и ниипет!

  7. 7 Alex QATAR

    I downloaded the software, it’s still 11.049, no new software available


    Hi,I update my N79 phone but this Update does not support farsi language and this dictionery only translator english-chini language
    I needed farsi support on 11.049 support farsi in write and fully package nokia
    send me why support farsi on N79 ver 20.175

  9. 9 Meh

    How the hell do you get the new option in V20.175 of showing caller’s name and number for incoming calls displayed.

    I’ve HARD reset my N85-1 and still impossible to get it to show both callers number and name for incoming calls..

    Help please.

  10. 10 meh

    How do I enable the Caller’s Number being displayed along with the Name on incoming calls?

    I’ve updated to V20.175 on my N85-1 and HARD reset/formatted it and I still cannot get the damn thing to display the contact’s number along with the name for incoming calls.. shows name only.

    Please help.

  11. 11 jeudy

    how can i find Active Idle in my nokia n79? it’s in setting or where else?

  12. 12 Olegreze

    Основная задача Яндекса — давать ответы на вопросы пользователей!

  13. 13 jestin


  14. 14 kanes AUSTRALIA

    hi, guys i am unable to even update my nokia n79 phone and i do not know why is this happening and i am using version 10.046… so i hope some one could help me… itried using the *#0000# also..yet it cannot be updated…

  15. 15 maia

    My N79 can’t install Google maps application for mobile device. It says file corrupt when i’ve finised download the application & wanted to install. My N79 software version is 30.019.

    Anybody can help me / give advise?

  16. 16 yibula CHINA

    those who can’t see the caller no and identity should copy the contacts to the phone memory, then it will show up normally.

  17. 17 nani AUSTRALIA

    I have N79 vth software version 32.001 ! N I’ve foud da option to silence calls using sesor vth tilting handset .but dats not working ! y ?

  18. 18 nabil

    the latest version is 32.001 not this one

  19. 19 Rahul

    Hi i forgot my nokia n79 security code. can any1 here help me
    i wil be thankful

  20. 20 Terry

    I have recently purchased an n85 and I just realised that I have one common problem, with the current format that my number is saved in I can see my contact names on the received smses but when they call I only see the raw number. My contacts are saved in the international format with +61 as a prefix. How can I get to see just the contact name on both the call log and sms inbox?

  21. 21 azert

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  22. 22 azert

    heyy Terry tkt pas il te faut rien toi juste il faut y’aller sur ton phone et chercher affichier le nom et num des contacte je me rapelle pas où dsl j’ai oublié psk la mon phone et devenu en anglais dans la nv mis ajour il ya pas de francais :s dé que je toruve je t’informe

  1. 1 fring - VoIP mobile - le blog français » Les Nokia N85 et N79 voient leur firmware mis à jour ISRAEL

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