Nokia N82 Software Update - 11.0.117

It’s first software update for new Nokia N82. With new update v11.0.117 RAM size increased to 93.1MB

Screenshots of new update

But bad news are with this update YouTube is not working

And there is no new features without RAM size update. It’s released for old firmware’s bugs

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33 Responses to “Nokia N82 Software Update - 11.0.117”

  1. 1 Alexandr3

    Too bad they couldn’t solve some sms bug problems I was having…

  2. 2 Jason

    Ok, so I updated my N82 to this release. The most bizarre thing happened. I’ve had several S60 devices over the years, and updated them countless times. Every time before, my apps, data, settings, etc. were all wiped out with the update. I could run the backup and restore process, but I always felt that a fresh trip over to iSync and a quick reload of my apps was safer.

    This time, my apps were retained, settings retained, well, everything was retained. It all works, and yes, I’ve verified that I’m now on 11.0.117, and was previously on the 10.x firmware.

    Thanks S60 team. Nice job.

  3. 3 Daniel UNITED STATES

    Hi Jason, I have an N82. Please tell me how I can get this new software and update my phone. Thank you very much.


    It’s not letting me update my N82.
    Yes, I have updated the Nokia Software Updater to v1.4.23, but it still says v10.0.046 is the latest phone software version.



    Don’t worry, the problem is that mine is locked to O2: “As usual the firmware update is available for non-operator variants initially.” (

    Never mind.

  6. 6 Razor1973

    Site is down. :(

  7. 7 Baumi AUSTRIA

    i can also confirm that the sms bug is still there on 11.0.117

  8. 8 shaznin AUSTRALIA

    Jason, same situation occured to me on my n82. usually when i update my other nokia mobile, they will wipe out all the data including contacts, calender, messages, settings etc . but after i finished downloading the new firmware, strangely its all there and its working properly. what a nice job! well done!

  9. 9 ark

    Bugs in the software update for N82. Not able to put in a full pre-shared WPA encryption key for WiFi, it fails on the last digit.

  10. 10 sahil

    thank you

  11. 11 yogesh kumar

    Please give me this update

  12. 12 admin

    @ yogesh kumar;

    You have to download Nokia Software Update

  13. 13 kashif SAUDI ARABIA

    Well,New firmware update for N82 has caused main camera with no vision,only black screen.flash,capture button are not working any shows only side tool bar with darkness.where as secondary camera is workingfine…Why i updated my phone….no help uptill now from any source…

    Community help is highly appreciated….

  14. 14 Harbaksh Singh AUSTRALIA

    I had two issues prior to the update:
    1> I was unable to issue *#0000# or *#06# or any *#.. codes.
    2> I was not able to mark items directly using the # key.

    I updated the software and it was successfull.
    However, none of the above problems are resolved as yet.
    Besides, since *#.. codes donot work; i cannot confirm the version my phone is updated to.

    Is there any other way to check this?
    ** The camera issue mentioned was observed by me as well; however i donot have any problems with the camera after the upgrade.
    ** No issues with You Tube either.

    Pros of the update >>
    1> Sound quality much louder
    2> Due to increased RAM, it is much faster.


  15. 15 Deepak

    I tried to update my Nokia N82 the total size of the update was 101.9MB but when I reach 101.7 MB the update fails when i Retry the update starts from 82.9 MB AND Fails at 101.7 Mb any possible reasons.mine is version 10.0.046 software version date 24.10.2007 RM-313

  16. 16 7many

    Thnx Bro

  17. 17 Arshad Shah

    I Love it

  18. 18 Rahul

    Can I restore my N73 Backups on N82 ??
    Quite silly to ask tho, am stuck, as my N73 is lost and am left high and dry with no contacts !!

  19. 19 khaled

    thank uuuuuuuuu

  20. 20 firfox

    very good thanks

  21. 21 jameel

    hey i’ve got an n 82 around june. An wen i use the code *#0000# i get the response. V 20.0.062 28-02-08 rm-313 nokia n 82 (25.01) i jus wanna know if this is the latest software plz..

  22. 22 Arul UNITED STATES

    Hey guys the new version is 30.0.019 , which was update in my phone automatically.
    but it gives more problem to the GPS device with Map
    i dont recomend
    20.00.62 is good

  23. 23 gladiator

    30.0.019 the new update in my phone but it gives more problem.
    i dont recomend

  24. 24 yousef talal

    thank you!!!!!!!!!

  25. 25 Hasan Refai

    i have priblem with n82 software , pls tell what to do to connect my n82 mobile with my pc. thanks

  26. 26 ali




  28. 28 mahmoud

    good men

  29. 29 Desert

    Guys i want to know…about Nokia N82. can i install anti virus in N82…any free anti virus for my babe.???


    اي قاال عل اساس فهمانين كل شي

    تلحسو طيز جمال

  31. 31 marloun UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

    guys, pls help me, if where can i download a fm transmitter software for my n82? thanks!!!

  32. 32 mido

    i’dont have a problem…perfect update for nokia n82 software..thank’s nokia.good job

  33. 33 mathoor

    gud show !

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