Nokia N73 Music Edition Firmware Update - 4.0808.4.2.2

Nokia N73 is getting an update v4.0808.4.2.2 It’s available for EMEA and APAC region

According to Symbian-Freak, Nokia N73 is booting much faster with new update (there is no change in RAM size).. and Focus sound bug is also fixed

Another improvement is Nokia Mobile TV Receiver SU-33W support. To use this stream, you need DVB-H coverage. But it’s not available in Europe :(

Download Nokia Software Update

147 Responses to “Nokia N73 Music Edition Firmware Update - 4.0808.4.2.2”

  1. 1 Balu AUSTRALIA


  2. 2 jake FINLAND

    Not available in Finland yet, still offers 4.07…

  3. 3 Emre TURKEY

    It ain’t for N73.It was N73 ME’s update .

  4. 4 dave UNITED KINGDOM

    apparently you can put the n73 me update onto the n73

  5. 5 Memo GERMANY

    It doesn´t work now i think nokia has remove the new fw !

  6. 6 robin

    i want the program to update software and thanx for the help

  7. 7 ali

    not available in Pakistan yet still offering 4.07….

  8. 8 vali ROMANIA

    nokia n73 -Update - 4.0808.4.2.2

  9. 9 Ramin UNITED STATES

    hey guys i have nokia n73 finland . plz tell me how to update it in this version . still my nokia n73 is in this version 4.0736.3.2.1

  10. 10 admin TURKEY

    Hello Ramin.. You have to download Nokia Software Update..

  11. 11 Ramin AUSTRALIA

    hey thax that u answer my question but i have nokia software updater . when iam going to update my nokia .the software say that ur nokia is up to date . but i want this new version v4.0808.4.2.2 but when it try to update it z not availible for my cell . plz help me i want that version .

  12. 12 Juan SPAIN

    update software of my N73

  13. 13 paolo

    i have updated my phone and my memory card has been blocked! :( i tried to put the password but at the end it becomes corrupted :(

  14. 14 taia MALAYSIA

    Guys, it seems for some product codes, they have released an update, and for some the version is still the same old ver.,
    Mine is updated but with the same 4.073

  15. 15 Ramin AUSTRALIA

    Hey dear Paolo dont worry just format ur memory card through card reader in computer then ur memory card will be fix . ok bye bye

  16. 16 Fabio

    I now have the V4.736.. still.
    How can I get this version??
    Please tell us, cause there are many that want to know.

    Sorry 4 my bad english..

  17. 17 kakan234

    How can I update my N73ME?

  18. 18 Behnam

    Hi dears. I am in this update avilable in iran. My version is 4.0727.2.2.1 04-07-2007. it is to old ?

  19. 19 vijay

    thanx greate help

  20. 20 Ramin AUSTRALIA

    Hey dear fabio . . . wat z ur nokia made from . if ur nokia n73 made from finland then dont worry still not availible for finland still offering old version .

  21. 21 Bilal AUSTRALIA

    hello everybody the nokia software updater is not working on ma pc. i have windows vista ultimate plz help

  22. 22 abdelkader hamed

    during updating firmware of n73me (withen step no.3) the phone power turned off without i have not touch

  23. 23 vijay

    hi thanx

  24. 24 Jeffrey PHILIPPINES

    Not Available Here in Philippines.. my phone is N73 ME, Made in Germany..

  25. 25 lav

    my n73 me is not update, so many time i tried software updating but soft ware is no update privious software is shon in in intaller.
    pls help me 4 nw verson Nokia N73 Music Edition Firmware Update - 4.0808.4.2.2

  26. 26 dysis

    Not Available In Brunei also :( ..Made by singapore ..Plz infome afta update

  27. 27 awawaleed

    I can’t understand why nokia canceled this software??

  28. 28 bandT AUSTRALIA

    so what happens if the phone is between the old and new versions? With a black screen? Let me end there, as my blood is boiling and I might ruin the friendship, in getting a reply and my phone!!!!

  29. 29 kyerie AUSTRALIA

    the v4.0808.4.2.2 firmware (i’m using it now…) is running quite smoothly. After Installing it using the nokia’s software update, you will get around 17mb of ram at start-up. After formatting it (i mean using *#7370#) you will get 20.1mb at startup (checked this using handy taskman) so it’s not a loss, It works well actually. ^^,

  30. 30 raul PHILIPPINES

    whats the product code kyrie of that firmware? please give me…

  31. 31 lucky

    hi please send me the product code so that i can update my n73 please

  32. 32 guilherme

    so whats the product code? again!

  33. 33 Azhar Farooq


  34. 34 nik INDIA

    What is the product code for this firmware?

  35. 35 Mikey MALAYSIA

    use product code for N73 ME 0539343 :)

  36. 36 Amy

    What’s The Process GUYES ?!?!?

  37. 37 aied

    during updating firmware of n73me (withen step no.3) the phone power turned off without i have not touch

  38. 38 Sobhan

    I Update My N73ME .4.0812.4.2.1 & My produce code is 0539295

  39. 39 lurdrey PHILIPPINES

    I have already updated my phone to v 4.0812.4.2.1, dated 21 March 2008. I want it be updated again to a newer version, as mentioned above, but to my regret I could find any location to download the said firmware. Please help.

  40. 40 ernmitanyo


    Your phone has the latest fw update (4.0812.4.2.1), the above posted is an older version

  41. 41 Ferdinand

    Hello!!,i need the code of the firmware 4.0808.4.2.2,of the nokia n73 music edition(RM-133),thank you very much,

  42. 42 Sweet17th

    Hallo..about this firmware, there are 3 things bothering me..

    ..i know 4.0812.4.2.1 is the latest firmware 4 N73ME (at the moment)..but it seems it still has an old problem about memory leak..
    Another things happened when i run java app..after i push the red button (i called it: “quit master”) sometimes it shutdown any app on the background, such as OperaMINI, or sometimes it makes jammed any java app..
    i wonder if any of u has a similar problem with me?
    On the other hand..this 4.0812.4.2.1 is better than 3.0638.0.30!
    It let u to exit MUSICPLAYER now. it ok to update my N73me from 3.0638.0.30 jump to 4.0812.4.2.1?
    (hoping not to loss any new function that is only available if u install firmware in a series !)

    Btw..i dont know why my Phone memory is only 27Mb of 42Mb now..even there is nothing i save on it..or is it by default?

    Thanx before.. :)

  43. 43 Himanshu

    Hi everyone

    I am unable to update newer version of N 73 , can any one help me , when nokia update software starts it struck at 3rd step , after that , it never going to update , evevry time it shows an message - your phone will not be update like this .

    At every time i am trying to update , phone gets switched off,

    plz help me if you can.

  44. 44 jareczki2007

    can I update me n73 with this software?? my code is 0514851
    waiting for a reply

  45. 45 sweet17th INDONESIA


    Go here–>
    And use your N73 product code to know the latest firmware for ur N73.
    Since ur N73’s code is 0514851, here is the result:

    “Latest available software for Nokia N73, product code 0514851
    Version: 3.0638.0.0.30
    Compare numbers
    If this version is greater than your current software version, update now to get the latest features, applications and improvements. Go to Nokia Software Updater download”

    And HImansu..why dont u check your phone product’s code first?
    I did it, and when they told about a new firmware available (for my N73 Product’s code)..i didn’t have any problem updating it.

  46. 46 vivek AUSTRALIA

    Hi guys I purchased n73 ME-1 before one week. it has firmware update 4.0750.31.2.1. How can i go for new firmware update. Whenever i check for update throgh nokia updater, it says 4.0750.31.2.1. is the latest one. I am from India. Does this new update is not available for india?

  47. 47 Waleed Ahmed PAKISTAN

    hello eve 1 .., this update becums stuck at 52.8 and gives error of downlaoding update failed !! can sum 1 teeme the problem ?

  48. 48 kk

    can I update me n73 with this software?? my code is 0539295
    waiting for a reply

  49. 49 Dj Dizzy UNITED KINGDOM

    Hey guys, mhh… i have a big problem with my nokia n73, everytime when i try and update it, it keeps on saying that it can’t find the model of my phone?
    Someone help me??

  50. 50 sahbnas


  51. 51 asim rizvi

    Dear all, I have N73ME ver 4.0727.2.2.1 and i want to update it. My laptop has vista premium, fully microsoft updated but when i download installer from nokia europe, it results in not working with my os. MY set is of german made.

    Please guide me!

    Thanks in advance

  52. 52 arfin

    is 4.0812.4.2.1 is the update for my nokia N73ME

  53. 53 redosio juan

    is the update available in the philippines. and having said that. i know for a fact that if you own a music edition phone. the music player program is always open with the new update, correct me if im wrong, will enable you to close that? is this correct? thanks

  54. 54 Addyanikend

    I live in Indonesia. My N73 ME current version is 4.0736.3.2.1 , I was tried update it to Nokia-care. But they said that the new firmware 4.0812xxx isnt come yet. How long must I wait for this new version?.

  55. 55 santo AUSTRALIA

    guys, when i uploaded the firmware, recent one for N73 ME, phone got switched off and it is not switching on, can anyone help?

  56. 56 Miguel PORTUGAL

    does this update work on N73 - NOT MUSIC EDITION! (z3.01)

  57. 57 Syawal-SoulHeinz

    Hi everybody! I live in Malaysia. I have n73 ME, made in Singapore. Can anybody tell me why when I want to download the latest update, it says ‘there is no update available’. Guess what? I find out that my cousin have this update but why I can’t update? Or this update is not available in my country? If yes, how long should I wait? Can anybody answer me? Please.

  58. 58 ro0oke


  59. 59 medo

    thank youuuuuu

  60. 60 Siddanth INDIA

    i hate ma latest firmware it s fast but my music player sound qulaity is very low b4 it used to hear so loudly bt now its worse.. wat to do.. how can i go back to the old firmwre its fast bt music is pathetic….

  61. 61 Epstra NETHERLANDS

    Does anyone know if it is possible to change the product code of my N73 (standard) so that It accepts the new firmware? And how does this procedure work and with what sofware ?

    When I try to install the update through NSU it says my version is up to date (november 2007) I’m from Netherlands.

  62. 62 ali KUWAIT


  63. 63 akram

    I looking for softwhr to mik my n 73me wabcam

  64. 64 Ragu INDIA

    Hi Guys
    I have N 73 ME
    Wheni try to swicth my phone on iinstead of taking me to the main scree it asks me to update the time abd date which i thinks is wrong coz it did not ask for those few days before

    kindly let me know how to set this right



  65. 65 Coooll

    It is cool

  66. 66 Spencer Tomlinson UNITED KINGDOM

    Just to let you know I’m now running the N73 ME with firmware v4.0812.4.2.1 which is pretty cool. Likewise the TV function is there. Cant really comment on any other functions but nice no glitches (yet)

  67. 67 Sandeep


    If any of you have updated your N73 ME to the latest firmware, can you tell what is the total size of the software update??


  68. 68 gulraiz

    i want an update for my nokia n73

  69. 69 danish PAKISTAN

    hi u all.i ve prviously updated my n72 n now m using n73ME and i m trying to update its firmware, it start quite smoothly but it suddenly it stucks on 52.8% ,sum1 plz help me…i m using 4.0736.3.2.1 n trying to udate it to 4.0812.4.2.1 plzzzzzzzzz guys do reply

  70. 70 Kumar

    Hi guys,i need ur help so much.wen i tried to update ma N73 ME to 4.812…. in da middle of tat process ma mobile turned off all by itself n after tat it never updated n ma phone memory s full without storing anything.plz help me to fix this

  71. 71 FURQAN

    hi,am using n73 m.e.I’ve downloaded the nokia software updater, when i connect my ph n try to update the firmware, it says that no software currently available for ur ph, current firmware ver 3.0705.1.0.31…plz tell me wat to do.. ?

  72. 72 Darshan INDIA

    My latest firmware is
    V 4.0812.4.2.1

  73. 73 FURQAN

    hi, am using n73 m.e,, i’ve downloaded the nokia software updater.. when i try to update the software, it says tht there is currently no software available for ur ph.. current ver 3.0705.1.0.31..
    my cell ph’s code is 0539295.. will i hav to change the code too, if yes then how.. ? plz plz plz tell me how..
    also tell me is there any prob after updating the new firmware version. coz if i’ll get any prob wid my cell ph after updating the firmware i’ll get bak to the older ver. so, also tell me how to get bak to the previous version of frmware..

  74. 74 awa

    i want nokia n73 music software

  75. 75 jyot

    i use in tv service



  77. 77 Farid

    i have nokia n73, and firmware V4.0723.2.0.1 with Code 0515589, can i update to new one ?

  78. 78 mangesh INDIA


  79. 79 jishnu INDIA

    help….!! help….!! help….!! help….!! help…. help…. help….’

    How To Remove the new update on my n73……help me…….and get the old version….help me…. pleaseee……….

  80. 80 Fahad SAleem

    yeah thanx for the nICE informatiON brOtherS !! my Current Version is 3.07 sumthing buT em gOnna uPdate mY n73 special EditioN firMware SOoN :)

  81. 81 N73 'N N96 INDONESIA

    my fuckin firm ware is 4.0839.42.0.1
    for jishnu u can’t cange ur firmware again dude…so bad yah


  82. 82 atul

    updated my N73 to 4.0812.4.2.1 yesterday night.
    Memory card is blocked ,asking for a password.
    I have never ever blocked my memory card with a password.
    Can anyone help me out, it is really urgent.

  83. 83 Soma INDIA

    When i’m update my Nokia N73ME Phone unfortunately my oc was restar & my phone is not working position. it is now in dead position so plz give me reply what should i do now??

  84. 84 SAJID

    hi dear’s,i want 2 know about the n73 update proceces,if i start the updat,n then light gose what will b happen to my set because the update proces takes too much time by using dailup conection i have no dsl conection in my city,also there is prblm of lodsheding,
    [email protected]

  85. 85 Santhu


  86. 86 Nemesis

    Hey guys i have just updated the firmware on my Nokia N73, It seems to be working but it also seems that its a bit glichy. i feel that it isn’t really handling the software thats loaded onto it. the update came with a Map and i gotta pay for everything which sucks cause its suppose to be working of the satellite and not my signal. is it suppose to do that by the way?
    it would be great if i got a reply from soomebody who knows what i am talking about. i am from south africa by the way, if that helps. lol

  87. 87 Jagdeep

    i tried to update the process & resulted in a wrong way…my phone is not working….everthing was goin on nicely….phone was detected….downloaded all updates…then a new window opened up saying some previous said warnings ,,,,then after sone time the “continue” button was clickable as it was described in that same window…..but what happened after that…..automatically showed the first window of updater…but as rules say i again searched the phone …..but everytime it failed to search the phone…after 15 mins …i pulled out the cable….the phone was in off condition….pc suite got disconnected during the initial updation process…..
    plz nyone here who can help me out…the only way i think now is to go to support center…any other better ideas plz
    [email protected]

  88. 88 Jagdeep

    i got it fixed myself…got to hard reset the phone & it is working as same as before the upgrade problem………

  89. 89 he

    i have - mobile tv - program on my n73 phone but i can’t use it

    and i want to get - wlan - program

  90. 90 kris AUSTRALIA

    when updating my n73’s firmware to the present version it has switched off in the last minute eventhough it has full battery.dont know why.nd is not even switching on from that onwards.wat should i do.plzzzzzzzzzz help phone is not in warrenty period

  91. 91 abhi

    hey i hv got an n73….i wanna know if it is music edition already…it seems so by using …it has customisable equaliser, album art, stereo widening & following
    v 4.0812.4.0.1
    Nokia N73(08)

  92. 92 Vasu AUSTRALIA

    thnx dude u rock

  93. 93 Vasu AUSTRALIA

    my phone was updated with 4.0839.42.2.1

  94. 94 Akash

    please tell me that how to update the my nokia n73 mobile?
    Can i update direct from mobile?

  95. 95 bünyamin GERMANY

    i want an update for my nokia n73

  96. 96 Teena Rebello INDIA

    hi, my N73 code is 0539295 made in Finland CE0434:may i please get the details of the battery used(numbr& country in which battery is made)becoz my battery has been exchanged by some of my friends:present one has no life:charge doen’t stay long:pls do reply

  97. 97 aliakbar atashi

    nokia n73 software update

  98. 98 RICARDO


  99. 99 Shabber Vasan KUWAIT

    Nokia N-73 Music [ Gulf ]
    Product Code : 0539295
    Latest Update

  100. 100 sameer

    hey guys plz tell me how should i update dz version 4.08? itz not available in pakistan.plzz somebody help me?? plz plz

  101. 101 mangomonkey

    hey i used nss to change product code and to update my n73 rm132 to nokia n73 me but not worked i want my nokia n73 to get me edition firmware plz help

  102. 102 abhi

    my version is
    is there any other new version of software………….
    plz give me response to this feedback

  103. 103 Aakash

    I Get The Update Nokia N73M to error = Sorry, the Nokia Software Updater service is currently unavailable. Please try again later
    Help Me ?

  104. 104 raymundgfi

    can you help me…what website can i download Nokia N73 Music Edition Firmware Update - 4.0808.4.2.2 can you help please…cause i want to change my software,…. thanks….

  105. 105 gauravashk

    hello guys i had recently updated my firmware to the latest and last firmware of n73 ” 4.0850.43.0.1 ; 12/12/08 version date”. its the latest and not released in india and many other counteries except hongkong & china…

  106. 106 pravat



    Hi,i want to remove the latest firmware verion(4.0839.42.2.1) and want to update to (4.0839.42.2.1) how to do this plz help me

  108. 108 Harish

    I was trying to update my N73’s firmware, but then during the update my phone shuts off (battery emp) The update was unsuccessful. I try to update once again, but I can’t turn on my phone anymore and everytime I try to connect it a message appear on my PC screen USB device unrecognized…

    Anyone who can help me here?

  109. 109 Nazakat Ali

    hi any body tell me where i can get the new version of firmware for nokia n73 ME RM133. updater not showing in Pakistan

  110. 110 Nazakat Ali

    still got no answer. anybody help me to get new firmware for nokia N73 RM 133 code 0545033

  111. 111 walid

    i always try to setup smart settings taken from but i always get the message certificate error contact the supplier while i changed the date about 10 times back to 2000 and it is no use,thanks for help

  112. 112 walid

    i forgot to say that i ve nokia n73 me,updated software,thanks

  113. 113 indrakumar AUSTRALIA

    Hello Im Indrakumar From Srilanka Plss Tell Me How can I Update My Nokia N73 at the same time what website can i download Nokia N73 Music Edition Firmware Update 4.0808.4.2.2 can you help please…cause i want to change my software thanks.

  114. 114 Stefan

    hy…i have NOKIA N73 ME RM 133 and device code is 0514851.
    when i check for update it says that the version i can update to is 3.0638.0.0.30 but i already have that version since 2007. is it imposible that there is no some newer update for my phone? :(

  115. 115 sachin INDIA

    I am updating my Nokia N73 music edition. Full update for my mobile is of 77 MB, but after 66 MB there is no further processing.
    plz tell me the solution.

  116. 116 KILLER

    hi i have nokia n73 me
    i want 2 update my cell
    with latest update firmware
    version which is
    Nokia N-73 Music [ Gulf ]
    Product Code : 0539295
    Latest Update
    plz help me

  117. 117 shaik.imran

    thise download update soft ware latest virsion for n73

  118. 118 sanjeev INDIA

    how can i update my nokia n73ME

  119. 119 shazab AUSTRALIA

    yes i want to get n73 software and update software

  120. 120 raj

    its faster then others

  121. 121 Anees khan

    hello my all friend. i wanna tell u one think about to nokia’s updates.when u update ur nokia phones.plz care about that if ur r updating ur phone in working condition. dont disconnect ur data cable and dont disconnect ur net.if the disconnect data cable then ur phone can will be dead and phone cant repairable in the future so plz take care about ur phone.ok if u face any problem in the cell phone pz email me @ [email protected]

  122. 122 Rasay INDIA

    hi Friends i have using nokia n73(v.1for2006)model
    only accepted for v.1 softwares.
    so i download for n73 updater software in PC.
    then connect the mobile in PC and install(update)the software.
    its working it.
    Currently my device for V.4(2008). NOW INSTALL THE ALL VERSION SOFTWARES
    MY MAIL ID===>[email protected]

  123. 123 sunil kumar

    i want registration key for KMS 7.0 mobile sequarty

  124. 124 Jainil Patel

    (1) I HAVE SEEN UPDATE (4.0808.4.2.2) ON THIS SITE.


    MY ID IS [email protected]

  125. 125 solomon

    my latest version i updated it yesterday(11 may 10)
    V 4.0839.42.2.1

  126. 126 satpal INDIA

    i am for my nokia n73 music edtion at on line

  127. 127 sampath SRI LANKA


  128. 128 MADAN

    i update my nokia n73 musicedition please help me v4.0736.3.2.1 04-09-2007
    N73 [Z5.01]

  129. 129 md.sumon khan

    I Get The Update Nokia N73M to error = Sorry, the Nokia Software Updater service is currently unavailable. Please try again later
    Help Me ?

  130. 130 md.sumon khan

    can you help me…what website can i download Nokia N73 Music Edition Firmware Update - 4.0808.4.2.2 can you help please…cause i want to change my software,…. thanks….

  131. 131 chaitanya

    hello all,
    I have N73 plain not ME. can i update my original os ie v 4.0738.3.1.1
    RM 132 ?? plz help me [:(
    i tried the same process many code is changed to 0539343.
    when i turn on the NSU it says there is no update for your mobile ????

    am i missing some thing ?
    1) install nss
    2) install nus latest version
    3) connect mobile to pc with pc suite mode
    4) turn it to general profile
    5) open nss > scan > cahnge product code > enable > write > read > exit
    6) connect internet > open nsu > start ??
    RESULT >> there is not update for ur mobile ?????

  132. 132 BILAL AHMAD


  133. 133 ajay kumar

    i am use to bsnl3G sim in nokia n73 M.Ed. but not supoted video colling but why?pelyes update my phone.But this sim other nokia n73 will be start video colling.

  134. 134 Khashayar

    Dear sir,

    I have a N73. I want to update my celphone. please show me the way.

    kind regards

  135. 135 Gopal

    Dear sir,

    I have a N73. I want to update my celphone. please show me the way.

    kind regards

  136. 136 kondareddy

    i have n73 produce n73 updates

  137. 137 champ

    plz tell me how to update nokia n73 plz plz……

  138. 138 sreejith

    how to update n73

  139. 139 Mohammed Dastageer

    in nokia n73 music edition why youtube player is not working………..
    menu feature is not supporting is coming……………
    what to do…………

  140. 140 lalit


  141. 141 Taha

    I am proud to participate this mobile from nokia

  142. 142 biswa majumdar

    yes ihave nokia n73 so iwant update so how to update

  143. 143 md.sumon khan

    I Get The Update Nokia N73 Music Edition IMEI 35354602605352 to error = Sorry, the Nokia Software Updater service is currently unavailable. Please try again later
    Piz Piz Sir Help me??…. my nam kha /Bangladehs

  144. 144 Sravan Reddy AUSTRALIA

    Available updating options for till date:
    SW version 4.0839.42.0.1 released for Nokia N73M *
    this is the last update for N73M i think.

    Above software version shown in this site deleted by nokia. Bcoz of battery isuuses.and some certificate issues.

    _Nokia Service Care_

  145. 145 aatif jamal

    wery good

  146. 146 Reghunath AUSTRALIA


    I have been using N73 ME for last 3 years. but i am facing an issue with Radio. When i click on the Radio icon (Applications>Radio) the handset got hanged. after that handset restarting automatically.

    Can some one help to resolve this issue.

    Expecting your help and support….



  147. 147 md.sumon khan UNITED STATES

    Hello dear sir. My Nokia N73 V4.0850.43.0.1 date-12-12-2008. IMEI-353546026053525 Language version taiwan!!!?plz send me ur latest firmware version V4.0808.4.2.2.. Plz plz plz my email:[email protected]

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