Nokia E65 Firmware Update - v2.0633.65.01

I’m noticed this update at You have to install Nokia Software Update, and it will dedect new update for Nokia E65

Let’s see improvements of this update; a subscriber Shriram, wrote all improvements for v2.0633.65.01

1) The upgrade process was smooth. Once I downloaded the Nokia Software Updater, it had to download the version of firmware separately which was about 60.4 MB.

2) Overall (atleast the limited time that I have had), the OS seems to be far more stable. Although, I must admit I didn’t faced too many crashes even with the old firmware, this version seems stable.

3) A new application “Active Keys” is installed & I have no idea how or what this does!

4) I was facing (after upgrade) some connectivity issues GPRS wouldn’t connect (not sure if my service provider had his server down), but I initially faced some issues.

5) I was hoping they would fix Wi-Fi bug. My Wi-Fi was not working too great even with the old firmware. It never used to detect “full signal” even though my laptop right next to the phone would connect at tremendous speed. This seems to be where it was with the old firmware.

6) Another W-Fi thing: When I use the web browser, it asks me for the connection to use & it wouldn’t detect my Wi-Fi. But, If it go to Menu –> Connections –> WLAN Wizard, this will detect my Wi-Fi and I can choose options and browse from there. Strange?

7) After I upgraded to MFE 2.0, I was facing difficulty getting both MFE 2.0 & BB Connect installed. Even after the firmware upgrade, I cannot install both. It is either MFE 2.0 or BB Connect. Forget using both together (whcih could be a challenge), I cannot even install them on my phone!

8) Some extra themes seem to have been installed “Dots Plum” & “Dots Pink”. Pink & Plum? I wonder what Nokia was thinking when they chose these colors?

9) I had the left selection key configured to open the “Camera” (Menu ->> Tools –> Settings –> Standby Mode). But for some reason, Nokia has decided to rename this as “Video Mode” & you press the button, it takes you to the Camera & Not the Video option of the camera!

10) I didn’t have major problems with the VOIP side of things except occassional crashes during registering. I need to test this out.

Thats my 2 cents worth. Hopefully I will have some time to scribble out here as and when I find something amiss (or otherwise)

Thanks Shriram!!!

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  1. 1 Fred FRANCE

    I did the upgrade, with backup and restore. But Voip was dis functioning after that; i got no return sound. To correct this probleme, I had to reconfigure manualy all sip accounts.
    I’ve noticed faster web browser.

  2. 2 Michael UNITED KINGDOM

    hi whats this about video mode and not camera . lol i dont want that i like it sayin camera can you elaborate please?

  3. 3 Navneet Karnani INDIA

    The Actv Keys applications (note its not Active keys) is actually “Activation Keys”. I’m guessings is a single application to keep track of all the licenses that you buy… be it the software or the music.

  4. 4 Robert L. AUSTRALIA

    i didnt get the firmware update, im using same program and phone and no update was available in australia. does anyone know why?

  5. 5 sizzle CANADA

    i dunno if its me or what, but after the upgrade, i’m having problems sync’ing with my PC. it keeps saying “Mobile phone has not responded”…anyone know the fix?

  6. 6 matt AUSTRALIA

    the nokia update is saying my version is the current version 1.0633.18.01 how come its doing this?

  7. 7 Roberto

    First of all sorry for my bad english. i´m not an expert and i have a doubt related to this brand new firmware, i hope you can support me on that:
    Before the update, must i eject the memory card? the programs and their settings installed on memory card must be reinstalled after update? About the phone memory the address book, etc.. will be restored via previous backup.. but all 3rd party sw installed on phone memory must be installed again?
    For those who have updated the firmware…: do you really recommnend it? the major problem i have with my current firmware is some suddenly reboots or shutdowns (4 or 5 since i bought it in june).
    By the way and related to sw for our cell phone, I´ve installed all i wanted, but i still need a Live/Office Communication Server Client. I tried IM+ for LCS but it doesn´t work. Do you know if there is some other application for symbian? Agile LCS is not downloadable…. I heard Nokia wanted to release a client… but no word since then.
    Thanks in advance for your answers and Best Regards from Madrid!!

  8. 8 Kentishfella

    Well, it looks as though nokia have finally made a news announcement about this software update, although it’s still not obviously available generally within the software download section of their website - at least,I couldn’t find it if it was there.

    So here’s the link to the breaking news - at least it’s official and the company’s therefore going to have to back it up with some working software:

    Good luck

  9. 9 victor ROMANIA

    why will nokia fall!


    WARNING! updating the nokia e65 will erase contactsadn allmost all installed programs! Trouble appears with language!

    Everybody blaims apple for blocking its iphone! nokia is so stupid in consumer satisfaction that it does not mention ANY language problems in updates!

  10. 10 victor ROMANIA

    Ohhh, and instead of updating all the silly things in the perfect e65, they could just try 2 things:
    1 to create language compatibility on updates
    2 create a browser that supports flash! shame nokia shame…

  11. 11 bennicc

    cum down victor, is a mobile…

  12. 12 Adrian MALAYSIA

    Somehow, after the upgrade, the 4 way navigator button n E65 still the same. Can’t be used sometimes….

  13. 13 Buggitt

    It’s the first time I hear about someone having the same wifi problems as I have with my E65 ! The wifi software seems not to be the same within the VoIP application and within the other applications (browser, wifi “applet” on the standby menu…) . And i also have the network detection issues…
    Thanks for your comments on the upgrade .

  14. 14 Michael

    After firmware update:
    The four keys (conference, own key, contacts, mute) don’t seem to work. At first I thought the keys (hardware) must have failed, but it’s not the case since in certain menus and modes, pressing the same keys makes a beep sound, hence the phone and os know the keys were pressed….

    Damn Nokia, what does it take to screw up the keys like that??

  15. 15 people

    Could You extract new theme called “Dots Plum” from phone??
    And send me? ;-)

  16. 16 Matty

    Hey guys, please for the love of god DO NOT UPDATE.

    My phone has been completely ruined by the update. I cant use any of my chat programs or wifi programs and many of the programs that nokia designed wont connect properly either. Considering i bought this phone for the WiFi feature, its utterly worthless to me now.

    Personally i am sending it back to get it restored by the manufacturer(still under warranty).

  17. 17 Ronan O Ciosoig SPAIN

    I have just updated the E65 and now it cannot connect in data mode to the PC running Win XP using USB. Basically it asks to connect, and click OK, but then it never appears as a drive. However on the remove devices list, it is there. So I suppose it just does not mount correctly. On my Mac it works fine.

    Another problem that happens after removing the USB cable, it runs ‘installing’ for about 30 seconds, and then gives an error about insecure installers on the memory card. This didn’t happen before the update.

    But at least the update fixed the main problem I had, which was that audio did not work with Java on it. With Symbian apps no problem. I contacted Nokia support numerous times and asked did they know of a specific issue with Java on the phone - to check about planned updates but they just said my programs were faulty and denied any problems.

  18. 18 Gerald

    I have a similar problem as Ronan. The phone runs ‘installing’ every time I start it for a while and then gives you an error message. Anyone know what’s going on?

  19. 19 Aleksandar SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO

    I also updated firmware to v2.0633.65.01 and I’m not very satisfied. I cannot access phone memory form Nokia PC Suite nor I can install applications using Nokia PC Suite. Also, I did the proper backup to memory card, but after restoring content from memory card, I don’t get restored anything - it simply doesn’t work.

    Is there a way to downgrade firmware back to an older version? Any help (or useful link) would be appreciated. Thanks.

  20. 20 Aleksandar SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO

    Or, has anybody found the way to make the PC Suite work with this new version of firmware correctly?

  21. 21 kevin

    I have a 3 UK E65 which has not yet got a fw update on NSU, so i changed the product code to the generic EURO 1 using Nemesis Service Suite (easy enough) and updated to fw version 2 via NSU. The update went ok.

    I then changed the product code back to the original and did a restore via nokia backup to restore all my settings/contacts etc.

    The e65 is now DEAD. I get the message “phone start-up failed. Please contact retailer”.

    I should never have done it…..

  22. 22 James UNITED KINGDOM

    I switched my product code to 0545446 and was able to use nokia update from the old 1.06 to the v2.0633.65.01

    Well after being nervous as hell, It worked fantastically-maybe nokia fixed it?

    I didn’t change the product code back either and I’m on 3.
    I won’t be changing provider as I find 3 really good but when I travel I can now buy and use a sim from abroad when on holiday etc.

    I’m using the plum background colour and its ok.

    I’ve lost the 3 applications with messenger and skype and will put it back manually-never worked fantastically before but it would be nice.

    Most of the numbers were on 3 sim e.g. voicemail etc and I’ll have to put the 3 browsing back on etc.

    Not too difficult if you just make calls etc.

    I did find it running faster.

    As always, make a backup of everything before! and write the old new product codes etc.

    Kevin-sell me your phone I’ll fix it!

  23. 23 yewi

    plese wat is d solution to the problem of the phone runnin “installing” for 5mins den giving an error message when it is restarted or disconnected via USB.dats my major concern..apart from that phone say firmware upgrade not ness tho

  24. 24 amit

    hi all,
    i recently upgraded frimware on my nokia e65 phone.
    among others the main change i found was that some applications that were installed earlier stopped working and also games that came bundled with my cellphone were lost (sudoku and jelly pop) among other s/w like pic2theme.
    can ANYONE Tell me HOW TO GET THEM BACK if someone has them kindly mail them to me at [email protected]
    thanks in advance

  25. 25 David

    James how do you change the product code?

    I am on 1.0633.18.01 and updater also tells me no update is available (using TMO in USA). Anyone figured this out? Is there a manual way to update the firmware without using their software? I really want to update or reinstall because I can’t get into the settings menu at all! Pressing settings returns a blank screen for 3-4 seconds then returns to main menu. Everything else on phone works normally. Obviously I need to get into settings to edit….access points…everything!

  26. 26 Kevin UNITED KINGDOM

    An update to my situation…

    I sent the phone for repairs at my local phone shop. Took them a week to turn the phone around and i got it back yesterday. They sent the phone off the the Nokia Service Centre for a re-flash and only charged me £25 which i thought was very reasonable.

    On the bright side, the Nokia Service Centre has flashed my 3 phone to the updated version 2 software. The firmware is still a 3 branded one, but i think that’s great anyway, saves me from having to tinker with the settings to get all the services up and running again.

    I suspect that the thing that killed my phone after the flashing was the restore via the Nokia Backup utility. James seems to have proved that the process of changing product code followed by NSU code DOES in fact work. Just don’t restore your old settings .. i suspect that this is a clash between the new features in the new firmware and your old settings backed up on your pc.

    If you don’t want to do this yourself, it may be worth sending your phone to a Nokia Service Centre to have it updated. I can confirm that they have firmware 2.0633.65.01 available for 3 UK phones!

    Hope this helps.

  27. 27 Kevin UNITED KINGDOM

    David - Download Nemesis Service Suite.

    Link provided below for convenience.

    Click on downloads link on the left.

    Instructions on

    You DON’T need the TNT enforcer application mentioned. Just ignore references to it in the guide.

  28. 28 kevin UNITED KINGDOM


    i pretty sure that you cannot use other sims in your unbranded 3 phone.

    The new generic firmware only debrands it, it doesn’t unlock.

    I could be mistaken. But i’m pretty sure i’m right.

    Do let me know if you find out otherwise.

  29. 29 Adepto

    I’ve installed it and all seems fine, except for the problem previously mentioned that the browser won’t use the wifi connection automatically and tries to use the Contract Wap connection. But if the phone becomes more stable this is a price worth paying.

  30. 30 Sammie MALAYSIA

    This is a big bug with new firmware on E65. Before i installed the new firmware, my wifi connection working well. The browser, Fring, GMAIL are all well via WIFI.

    I have updated my E65 firmware to version 2.0633.65.01. There is a problem connecting fring & browser via wifi (It Fails to connect, not a chance at all). However, fring works fine when i connecting via 3G.

    WHat is the problem? Should it be the settings? Please advise.

  31. 31 Sair

    Hi All,

    I am having difficulties with my phone and finding little or no help anywhere. I have a phone under Vodafone, but Vodafone keep referring me to Nokia who keep telling me to do things that aren’t solving the problem. My phone has decided not to notify me when I receive a new text message, it randomly frezzes, shuts itself down and drops calls, browsing has become a nightmare because of the aforementioned and today I switched it off for a while only to get a message of ‘phone start-up failed. please contact retailer’ Nokia got me to do a factory reset recently as that was supposed to solve the problem. I haven’t installed any new firmware (I don’t even know how to do this) and as I am on a mac pc suite doesn’t work. Has anyone got any suggestions? I really don’t want to lose all of my data, but is a hard reset the only way around this problem? Should Nokia be offering to replace the phone?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  32. 32 Fazal Feroze UNITED STATES

    Nokia E65 freezes while invoking on Internet SIP phone.. Sometimes the phone intermittent hangs and also local Cellular dialpad freezes and unable to receive/dial from contact number. Any suggestion..

    Note:- this only happen when invoking SIP phones but not in other cases….

  33. 33 shaikat

    hi. i have some problem with my e 65. i was trying to download the update fofr e 65 . while it was download in that time accidentally my data cable disconnected. and after that my off turn off. after that i tried to switch on my mobile its not trun on not even if i connec the charger its not showing any thing. plz can u help me how i have to restore ot re install the software and trun on my mobile device.

  34. 34 harys INDIA
  35. 35 Paul N Ireland UNITED KINGDOM

    My E65 has worked just fine since I got it almost two years ago. Loved it. I upgraded my firmware to -633.65.01 and its really ruined it. It locks up regularly - mostly when I receive a text message and I have to switch it on and off to get it running again. Also, I used to be able to switch off wireless scanning which tended to run the battery down very quickly when at home - scanning off meant OFF. Now when its switched off its actually still connected to the wireless network - you cant get it to disconnect - probably makes it faster for browsing etc but really eats the battery. I have to keep it on the charger overnight for the morning alarm - otherwise it will power down during the night and no alarm for me in the morning. Finally, although I backed everything up before the upgrade, I lost fring and truphone. If it aint broke DONT fix it!!!!!

  36. 36 merv AUSTRALIA

    hey my E65 not letting me send txtz for sum reason i kan do everythng else except send txt do u knw wat i should do to fix this problem pls help

  37. 37 Ash AUSTRALIA

    Hey i have the same problem, was trying to update my e 50 nokia, and the cable got disconnected, now my phone is not coming on at all. Can it ever be fixed?

  38. 38 akshat AUSTRALIA

    was updating my my nokia e50 and the cable got disconnected!! software got corrupted and the phone wont start. What do i do. i don’t want to go and get it done at a showroom. they charge too much :(

  39. 39 ranjit

    while trying to update my nokia e50, and the cable got disconnected, now my phone is not starting at all. Can it ever be fixed?

  40. 40 Andre H UNITED KINGDOM

    funny… no sad. after i upgraded my buggy three branded but unlocked phone it no longer works. it does not find any network.. *argh*

  41. 41 Andre H UNITED KINGDOM

    funny / did the entire process again and now it works / lets see how well ;)

  42. 42 Trine DENMARK

    It pretty much sucks right now- I just got a new Nokia E65 and I wanted to do this whole Firmware update
    THEN! The next thing that you least expect, somehow it disconnects and my phone stops working, it’s just completely dead.

    Yup- this sucks.

  43. 43 supeazn UNITED STATES

    I did the update and now i can’t change my themes ?? I’ve already set the certificates to accept all and online certif check off. I tried the date hack and still nothing. To me this new update doesn’t do anything and i prefer the old firmware (v.1) Anybody know how to install old firmware ??

  44. 44 Joao Almeida PORTUGAL

    When I bought my Nokia E65, from Vodafone, brand new, it already had the v2.0633.65.01 and, hopefully, it works good.
    Just a little problem with messenger that came with it, but replaced it for other version and everything is now ok.

  45. 45 Dan AUSTRALIA

    well recently purchased a nokia e65 and sadly some clown has already updated it and yep you guessed it people no end of shit from the thing

  46. 46 chaz

    The firmware upgrade has completely buggered up my phone, it keeps crashing randomly when i slide the phone open or closed.
    Nokia have definitely gone downhill.

  47. 47 Kyriakos GREECE

    sory does anyboby knows if this version supports the greek language?

  48. 48 xavier

    Were will i get the latest firmware update for E65. can any one suggest me the path for downloading, Thanks in advance.


  49. 49 Mark UNITED KINGDOM

    1. Backed up to MicroSD card (can you see where this is going?)
    2. Upgraded E65 from 1.x to 2.0633.65.01
    3. Restore from MicroSD fails.
    Calendar I can resync, but messages, contacts and photos are inaccessible.

  50. 50 Chi Tai UNITED STATES


    I just got my E65 5 months old. Last couple days after I updated from vervion 2.0.xxxx to 3.0.xxxx , my phone won’t start up, it kept pop up message “Phone start-up failed. Please contact retailer”. Could anyone help me to solve this problem ? Thanks

  51. 51 timematcher UNITED STATES

    Hi there
    I had dis problem of my e65 random freezing,shutting down and software stability issues,
    I did d update n my phone is up to date as per version in dis article.
    I hav seen improved stability but my e65 stil auto shuts down after a certain time

    Is there a fix available?
    What if i flash my e65 wid some other firmware? Any suggestions

    If i go 4 d manual flashing which firmware would b appropriate?

    Plz put ur suggests!


  52. 52 Andrew LITHUANIA

    Hi everybody, i have a problem, i have nokia e65 (locked) with turbo sim, there was no problem when i updated my nokia, and there is no signal (network), can i downgrade to older firmware? please help. send me answer to amail. THANK YOU!!!

  53. 53 Slaven

    Did the firmware update from o2 2.xx to generic 4.xx, everything works fine Except WiFi, i can browse but my messanger programs can’t connect to the server.. Tried fring, im+ and many other. Any solutions? Tnx

  54. 54 كسار الراس

    تلحسو طيزي

  55. 55 shiela PHILIPPINES

    hello!! plz help me with my nokia n73. i have upgraded it with nokia firmware update without noticing that my bat was going to empty…. and the update was not successful and the problem now is : I CANT OPEN MY PHONE…. EVEN WHEN I CHARGED IT AND STILL IT DOES NOT WORK… PLSSSSSS HELP ME HOW TO DO THIS WITH OUT GOING TO THE SHOP… THANKS AND HAVE A NICE DAY TO ALL

  56. 56 Hector

    I upgraded my e65 last December with no problems at all…

  57. 57 NANA

    I did an upgrade and had no problems until my network just went dead and now the phone cant get anything called network… can anyone help me?

  58. 58 Satya

    Hi ,
    i want to update my mobile software how it is possible i have internet connection what is the process please send the details to my id

  59. 59 Mike

    Hi guys, just updated my E65 to the update and it is so okay, have had this phone for 3 years and i am very impressed. The random hanging it used to have is now gone and the browser is now faster. Keep up with the good work Nokia.

  60. 60 vishal

    during update my nokia 3110c got dissconnected an my phone is switched off how to turn it on

  61. 61 nilesh patel

    good but diffiult of upgred

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