Nokia 6120 Software Update

Nokia has just released a new firmware for Nokia 6120. The new firmware (v4.21) is coming with User Data Preservation. But it’s not available for all countries..

After updating your Nokia 6120, You will see new themes

You have to Install Nokia Software Update to install new firmware

38 Responses to “Nokia 6120 Software Update”

  1. 1 stigla

    ummm, i already have v4.21 firmware for more than a month

  2. 2 Emre TURKEY

    Me to…I have too more than a month.

  3. 3 raysky MALAYSIA

    what does it mean by user data prevention?

    did it solves the annoying “return” button to main screen whenever i accidently press the “red” button???

    motorola interface as well as earlier symbian has a confirmation prompt whenever the “red” button is press before going to the home page this avoid after typing long sms then accidentally pressed red button whole SMS gone and need to retype again….


    raysky, this means the user data will be preserved after the flashing - the phone is no longer formatted clean and reset to standard settings after flashing.

  5. 5 luicbee

    how to update my fifrmware to 4.21? without taking to nokia centre.
    can i do it on my own?
    which nokia website?

  6. 6 Nivaldo

    I’m using the 3.83 version, the Nokia Software Update didn’t show me a more recent version… i live in Brasil.

  7. 7 ahmed

    i want more softwere for nokia 6120

  8. 8 amin aslam

    is there a flash torch for nokia 6120

  9. 9 Lev

    I have a 6120 . How do I play movies on it ? It only plays the sound :((

  10. 10 Lev

    I tried to update it but it says it’s already up to date. But the version is 3.83

  11. 11 Razzi PAKISTAN

    I have latest firmware version 5.1 installed on my own by nokia software update

  12. 12 ghayoor subhan

    i am use 6120 but not update online prob new pc suite install new updater install run 15 min show auto mataic phone dic connected show msg phone recovery retry msg v03.83 19-06-07 rm-243 nokia 6120c (b21.04) plz help me reply email plz help me not update my prob solve me u r promiss

  13. 13 Arif UNITED KINGDOM

    i have downloaded nokia uploader but it says your phone is not supported for update , so, where i can get and how i can get the latest version of my phone as it at the moment 3.70
    Kind regards

  14. 14 Solution CYPRUS
  15. 15 jyothir

    i’ve updated to v5.1 nd i cant use the front camera.
    its showing feature not supported.

  16. 16 nabil

    how to update my fifrmware to 4.21? without taking to nokia centre.
    can i do it on my own?
    which nokia website?


    hi guys, i need help with my nokia 6120 classic.. my software version is 6.10 wich is the latest firmware.. my problem, can i update back my phone back to its old version like version 3.83.. pls help me guys.. tnx a lot..


    i am in lovely iran

  19. 19 Hashrox SRI LANKA


  20. 20 oscar butera

    could you please send me the software of this type of phone:V 03.83
    Manufactured date:19th/06/2007
    Nokia 6120c(B21.04)

  21. 21 oscar butera

    so that I can get video clips and some audios from the computer

  22. 22 muddassar nazar

    i need call recording softswere for my mobile

  23. 23 morris mano

    i have a nokia 6120 classic and the web icon doesn’t work .i try to update the software and the software is updated successfully but the web is still doesn’t work .sorry for the broken English.

  24. 24 ikram ullah

    is there a flash torch for nokia 6120c

  25. 25 hamid


  26. 26 nima

    i will updat my nokia 6120 but i cant beacuse my nokia 6120 is a big canser

  27. 27 Zain


  28. 28 N97 mit Vertrag

    enjoy your blog. Keep on the good work, I will subscribe. What do you think of the new Nokia N97?

  29. 29 heliberto tarazona

    I have a new Nokia 6120,… i take pictures and videos, however I don’t have the software to download pictures and videos to my computer,… How do I get this software, free.


  30. 30 hUssaIn

    yope i have (v.6.51) (04-02-09) (rm-243)…and it was already installed in ma mobile…is thr any new update more thn this 1????

  31. 31 sha

    I got the new v05.11 for my nokia 6120c. lus I got new themes for my mobile

  32. 32 jhjgh

    nokia 6120c how to flash i forgot my phone cord and in phonex
    i does not show phone name

  33. 33 Ganesh Singh INDIA

    i will want my device nokia 6120c software update qickly. send u r feed back on my above email id. so waiting.
    -THAK YOU.


    tank yuo.

  35. 35 nipu

    simple go to menu then setting then device mgr. then device mgr. then update ur phone software.

  36. 36 murtaza

    i have nokia 6120 classic.this is not update and no respons any application for updating

  37. 37 Sagar

    I have v7.1 in my nokia 6120c

  38. 38 Doddi

    Anyone know what the latest firmware version for nokia 6120c APAC region? Thanks

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