Windows Live Messenger Mobile

First of all you have to Download dep.sisx and windowslive.sis. Install dep.sisx, and secondly install WindowsLive.SIS

It will be like this

I updated My Windows Live Messeger Mobile. It’s perfect! But in .zip file you will find two files

With new version you can put your photos on your msn messeger..

Options Menu

Now it’s time to explain the BEST feature of this new verison;

You can add contacts in messages.. Like this;

Download Windows Live Messenger Mobile

Windows Live Messenger Mobile is absolutely Freeware!

503 Responses to “Windows Live Messenger Mobile”

  1. 1 Thomas

    deps is not getting installed.
    First I get a question “do you want to replace Nokia Contacts Services Support Package version 0.01 with version 1.0?”. I choose yes and then I get an “update error.
    I also have Nokia’s gizmo application installed (this is also integrated with Contacts).
    So I wonder this error has something to do with that??

  2. 2 Sander

    Fantastic news !
    Thanks for this posting.

  3. 3 MAX

    Looks really great!
    Using this for 3G looks too cool.

  4. 4 irma INDONESIA

    i have installed this, but it cannot be signed in.. im confused, i feel i havent put any of my hotmail add, but can be signed in.. but it keeps loading only not signing in. can anyone explain? thanks.. this software rocks!


    This software works perfectly on my E61 device. I basically used Fring to chat with MSN and now I can use this software. It looks better, feels better. Sorry Fring, but you gatta take the back seat at the moment. Love the software. I hope it is free and stays free.

  6. 6 Imran

    Is this a official release from MS Live, where can i visit the website for? eh?

  7. 7 avi ISRAEL

    about bloody time !

  8. 8 N80 Fantomet NORWAY

    A small error in this article.
    Correct is: First insatll the dep.sisx file, _then_ install WindowsLive.sis

  9. 9 irma INDONESIA

    can anybody tell me, how this windows live works? coz i dont know how.. cannot signing in or sync my email.. for those who reply me, thank you so much :)

  10. 10 Isaac Rooth SWEDEN

    I have the Nokia N95 and as Thomas i get the update error when i try to install WindowsLive.SIS, dep installs normally, also i tried it on Nokia E61 and it works! Anyone know why nokia n95 keeps getting this message?

  11. 11 RocKiN LiVerPooL! AUSTRALIA

    Lookin gr8!
    Thank u so much. it installed normally on my e61 and im enjoying it! hope it stays free though! my prayers there.

  12. 12 Toti

    It doesn´t work!! The screen always says “service unavailable” Why???

  13. 13 Erwann

    Hi! I’e just installed the version of WLM but I cannot get conected at all… It’s not even asking me my account details so I can sign in. The only thing I can do is just choosing if I want to appear offline or busy ect… It’s all I can do so far

  14. 14 RocKiN LiVerPooL! AUSTRALIA

    Hey! i was trying to synch my e-mail on this. i did it with success in my inbox but i would like to know how could i view attachments? i’ve searched and not found an option for that. thanks in advance!

  15. 15 David AUSTRALIA

    Hey, i too have the same question about the attachments same as ‘rockin liverpool’ Please help……

  16. 16 Adrian UNITED KINGDOM

    looks well gud in 3g

  17. 17 Adrian UNITED KINGDOM

    looks gud in 3g

  18. 18 gsmturk TURKEY

    it isn’t useful msn.I prefer mig33 or to windows live messenger

  19. 19 admin
  20. 20 Ram FINLAND

    AFAIK it’s released for N-series phones via phone’s download menu in Sweden.

  21. 21 Markus FINLAND

    Admin didn`t anwer to tero`s second question, is this free to use or is it going to cost something. i`m using this software but i don`t want to pay of it. I can msn with my pc freely without any costs.

  22. 22 Ward

    I cannot get this to work without a WIFI connection.

    It does not work on 3.5G or 3G GPRS connections.

    What a shame!

  23. 23 Symbianworld

    I’ve made a review of this application,too.

  24. 24 tommy MALAYSIA

    It doesn´t work!! The screen always says “service unavailable” Why???

  25. 25 frombe

    tested on my E65 and it works great (wifi)!

  26. 26 Onno NETHERLANDS

    i got it working in 1 time… very nice

  27. 27 denis CROATIA

    hello from croatia!!!
    this windows live is working sooo great.
    i had tried mig33, ebuddy, agile etc etc, but nothing is comapred to this one. mig33 and ebuddy are great, but this is simply outstanding!!!

    best regards to the world from hot hot croatia

  28. 28 cumko TURKEY

    help plz. my n95 makes me mad. when i install the live messenger it says “fie corrupted” why is this phone gives this error? … it makes this error also when i try to install another applications. help me plz

  29. 29 Maccie NETHERLANDS

    er is een fout opgetreden in de windows-live-id-dienst. probeer later opnieuw.
    Not working on my n95.

  30. 30 Popy PORTUGAL

    i only used it one time and deleted it.

    first: it takes ages to show the contacts when i go on line.used wifi at home with 8MB connection…but still takes toooooo long to show the contacts

    second: i’ve got almost 400 contacts on WLM , but with this app, not even half of them appear.

    so i will continue using Turbo Msn, fast log in, fast showing contacts… and it shows ALL my 400 WLM contacts

  31. 31 Yigit TURKEY

    Works perfectly on Nokia N93i

  32. 32 ian

    worked a treat on my e61 at home. Easy install … kick ass!

  33. 33 Elmeri Kokkonen FINLAND

    I installed and tested it on my e70. Works like a charm, though the program seems somewhat laggish with contacts. I have to test more, but with a few contacts in my WLM it seems to work :) Quite much better than fring I used use before this.


    Arkadaşlar bu programda mesaj yollamak için titreşim yollamak gerekiyor.Programda bir bozukluk mu var acaba ?

  35. 35 Alvin

    I install this live messenger in my nokia n70 but my set didnt support this. Anyone know how can do this or is there any live messenget for n70????? Plz let me know. Thankyou

  36. 36 Sajid

    can i read my hotmail accoutn mail.

  37. 37 SRRÄ

    This software is not freeware. When i signed in it says “this software is available to test for limited period, after that you have to pay to use it”…

  38. 38 mhasan

    working great on my nokia n80. thx a lot

  39. 39 Ammer UNITED KINGDOM

    Works great on N95, thnx for this. I was looking for it for a while.

  40. 40 Aristarch

    Works excellently on my Nokia E70 :)

  41. 41 toff UNITED KINGDOM

    works great on my n95
    However, when I tick “save password”, I can’t sign in, and when it’s unticked, I can sign

    Thanks a lot


    Arkadaşlar bu programda mesaj yollamak için titreşim yollamak gerekiyor.Programda bir bozukluk mu var acaba ?


    Apologies in advance but I’m new to the Symbian world, having just purchased an E65. Where can I download the programme from? I’m in the UK and can’t find anywhere. Can anyone help?



    For those with the same problem as Erwann, this is what i tried.. i just installed the WindowsLive file and not the dep.sissx file. Then run the program go to options and sign in and fill the details and its up and running :) hope it helps

  45. 45 Neil Boothman POLAND

    The only thing about this application that I don’t really like is that you can’t disable the Windows Live mailbox in your messaging centre, after all the thing is pretty much useless for anyone who has signed up for a .net account without opening up a Windows Live mail or Hotmail account.

    This becomes a real bug that when you want to send someone an email as they’re off-line it will always tell you that you don’t have a valid account rather than defaulting to any other mail account that you have setup on your device.

    Then again, this is a Microsoft application after all so being locked into only using their services is hardly surprising.

  46. 46 Tyler CANADA

    Something is wrong i can’t get it to work

  47. 47 Mark Duff

    It works well and installs perfectly on a N95 , install Windows live sis first as it states in the txt file in ZIp!

  48. 48 Tyler CANADA

    Wait! is this for your computer or your phone?


    how do you download it to the mobile phones? i cant even download it… huh~ please help me

  50. 50 david UNITED KINGDOM

    Not perfect!!!

    As stated above, no Hotmail account, no offline messaging. I signed up for a .net passport a couple of years back with an other email address (non-MS). I have plenty of windows live/MSN contacts through this account that i interact with and most of that is done appearing offline (them and me), we just poke an offline message at each other to see if we are free to chat.

    Looks like Fring will be keeping my MSN sign-in.

  51. 51 intim

    A new version has appeared with windows live spaces support :

  52. 52 ALvin

    can i use this in nokia n70?????????????????

  53. 53 nafix

    pls send me the setup file for me!

  54. 54 Noman Qureshi

    Works great on my Nokia E70, I installed the Windowslive.sis first and then dep.sisx but its really working on GPRS and WiFi.


    How would i be able to install on a nokia n80 im new and just learning can i install from an email attachment that i mail to my phone or can i use bluetooth software to copy over and install or do i need a phone suit or some other software (dont laugh at me im new but learn very easy

  56. 56 Noman Qureshi

    Hi G..

    You can install the software through Nokia PC Suite.. OR you need to copy both files into your memory card through cable or bluetooth whatever easy for you.. then just click the file in your phone and it will automatically install.. first install dep.sisx and then livemessenger.sis

  57. 57 tiago mendes NETHERLANDS

    Hi, It works perfectly fast and without problems on my N73, the only thing is that if im in a convo with someone and they send an instant message at the same time i write i press a key on my phone for a letter the letter gets erased. Small fault but its the best msn ive found and im keepin it i love it! thanks

  58. 58 Brett UNITED STATES

    Even works on my e90! :)


    Arkadaşlar bu programda mesaj yollamak için titreşim yollamak gerekiyor.Programda bir bozukluk mu var acaba ?

  60. 60 Kevin CANADA

    Finally, I can use MSN in N95, it works perfect.

    still trying to change my picture in the program.

  61. 61 alena ITALY

    hello i dont cn find the new msn

  62. 62 Ondrej Manisha

    damn all these beautiful gir. Ondrej Manisha.

  63. 63 Sonelux

    Works on E62, using GPRS/EDGE connection

  64. 64 gemma UNITED KINGDOM

    can u send me the file plz thanks it wont even extract

  65. 65 gemma UNITED KINGDOM

    can anybody tell me is this for pc or mobile phone ???

  66. 66 ptt

    hi all
    i have installed foe noika E65 but i get error with sign up “Error with Windows live ID service”


  67. 67 thomas huddleston

    very good

  68. 68 thomas huddleston

    glad to be back

  69. 69 Axe

    Thankx works for my N80 :)

  70. 70 MONALee QATAR

    where can i find the download wesite this sucks really and dont know what do as gemma said.

  71. 71 Gilbert Lugo

    Nokia N95.. Couldn’t get it to work with T-mobile or AT&T in the US.. Works with Telcel GPRS/EDGE down in Mexico and also with any wireless connection.. pretty handy application..

  72. 72 Chisa

    PERFECT Indeed! Better than e-Buddy, no bugs so far.
    I was not getting message alert from e-Buddy when the mobile light was on standby and it would disconnect without reason.

    Thank you for the info - first blog that was useful to me.


  73. 73 Chisa

    BTW I receive the incoming message alerts when on ‘Hide’ only.

  74. 74 ME ! SAUDI ARABIA


  75. 75 Ruud NETHERLANDS

    Thank you!
    it works perfectly on my E61i!!! im hooked already :D

  76. 76 sara SAUDI ARABIA

    I have N73

  77. 77 Merrill Amram

    but your much on my mind, you often get declin. Merrill Amram.

  78. 78 Hasan TURKEY

    msn change the contacs system and this program no more works you can not see your online or offline messenger user any more(Nokia N95) ı am looking the this problem solution. Does any one have this problem solution ????

  79. 79 zeyra BRUNEI DARUSSALAM

    wow!! thanks for dis file!! love it~ it works best in my n81… now i can i hve msn in my phone… thankss!!

  80. 80 ashley UNITED KINGDOM
  81. 81 ilse NETHERLANDS

    Works great on the E65


    what version is this? is it the 1.0 or the 2.0 ones? because i’m looking for the 2.0 version.

  83. 83 Conor

    does windows live messenger work for the n70?

  84. 84 Mariusz C DENMARK

    can’t get this to log in to accounts, how do i do that?

  85. 85 Bujar Foniqi SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO

    please send my file for downlod windows live messenger, file for nokia n 80… thank you

  86. 86 Frank cozley AUSTRALIA

    This is great had no trouble with it and it saved me from waiting until halfway through 2008 for it to be on my carriers website. Thanks :-)

  87. 87 Rigit

    It s working fine!


    Any kind of messenger, to use internal camera as a webcam?? Please help if anybody knows!? thanks!!!

  89. 89 CelluloidReality

    Lovely! Thanks mate.

  90. 90 jack amsel FINLAND

    Works on

  91. 91 Nikolaj


    How does the sound notification work for you guys?

    I had the sound play 3 times out of 10 when I got a message - is this function bugged?

  92. 92 cheeseman AUSTRALIA

    you can go to the download link on your handset in most countries now, and download the winlive software

  93. 93 ajay UNITED KINGDOM
  94. 94 Elska=)

    Tarvitsen sitä

  95. 95 Amir PAKISTAN

    i have already installed dep.sisx and widows live file properly but i could not get sign in because it don’t ask me for login id and passward, please help to assist.

    i have Nokia E 50 .


  96. 96 juju

    on my nokia 6120c it work great at first time but now always tell me not available try again later… But later it’s the same! What can i do?

  97. 97 jimmy

    it won’t let me sign in, i’ve installed it, and how youve said….
    a message pops up saying “MESENGER………messenger is not available right now. please try again later.” its on my n80 and i’m connected to my home internet via wi-fi…. please help :) thanks

  98. 98 Fritz HUNGARY

    I have the same problem! Not available try later :s

  99. 99 Liam

    how much does it cost though, is it free for 30 days only?

  100. 100 Liam UNITED KINGDOM

    seems to be working for me.

    Its added windows live to the messaging system but keeps the mail app in there too.

  101. 101 Liam UNITED KINGDOM

    thats on a n95 8gb by the way

  102. 102 Liam UNITED KINGDOM

    thats on a n95 8gb by the way.


  103. 103 Ivan Aguilera

    Thanks a lot! it worked smoothly in my Nokia e62!

  104. 104 mcic UNITED KINGDOM

    This worked for me on Nokia 6120c on 3 Mobile UK (with X-Series Silver) from September till November. Since December, I have always got the “Messenger is not available right now. Please try again later.” error.

  105. 105 big chocolate love

    i am the happiest man in the world :) could download it from the phone it self but now i have it im so happy

    plus its free.. i can be on it all day on 3G (on my network providers connection) :D thanks been looking for ages

  106. 106 dateson ISRAEL

    I’m using and it is very nice.

  107. 107 _N TAIWAN

    “Messenger is not available right now. Please try again later.”

    I had the same problem when I tried to log in for the first time, but after I re-synchronize my contact list I can now log in successfully.

    Maybe you can also try to re-sync your contact list and see if it solves the problem.

  108. 108 Etoile

    It is work for my phone (N95 8GB). I was not installed dep bcoz it asked me to replace v1.01 with v1.0. Thanks!

  109. 109 Mohamed


  110. 110 jerome IRELAND

    hey!! i have same problem on n95…”messenger not available right now please try again later” and im from ireland? is this happening to everyone?

  111. 111 Tom SWEDEN

    Great application Thanks

  112. 112 Ashiq

    Hi, i have also got Windows live messenger on my Nokia N95, It worked excellent during September and November, but during December it kept saying “Messenger not available right now, please try again later”, does anyone know what is wrong? i have tried re-syncronizing my contact list but still doesn’t log in. Please someone HELP, im with the network 3g by that way(THREE).

  113. 113 -SC PORTUGAL

    it works perfectly on my N80, with all conections except the normal gprs(not 3g gprs bur normal gprs) it works with wifi, 3g connections all, love this program

  114. 114 wire

    I downloaded this application in my N81 8GB phone and it didn’t work. Can anyone please tell me where and how i can download windows live messenger. Please.

  115. 115 Andrei ROMANIA

    It works just like any other IM application either with Wifi or with a mobile internet subscription plan. It doesn’t work with a normal gprs connection.

  116. 116 Homie SWEDEN

    I have tried to get this one to work, but it just wont let me loggin, and i have no idea why ?!?

  117. 117 Bouss GREECE

    Thanks a lot

  118. 118 Pitt

    I installed it on my Nokia N95 and it worked greate!! I installed the WindowsLive.SIS file first.

  119. 119 Antonio

    I tried to install the WLM on my N95 phone but i’m not able to sign-in. Anyone has some suggestion? Thanks in advance,.

  120. 120 sarah

    i want a different msn account but i dont want the new windows live - what do i do

  121. 121 Jerome Muldoon IRELAND

    To Whom it may concern

    If you have been having problems signing into messenger getting the error message “messenger is not available right now please try again later” then i have finally found the solution! what you have to do is take out your sim card and connect by WiFi, i have not yet tryed it with the sim card since i have gotten it working so try it for yourself!

    Hope this helps somebody!


  122. 122 smithdogg IRELAND

    Hmm just redownloaded the official version of this (i’m in ireland with an E65 bought in singapore) and i still can’t connect (service unavailable, try again later) when i got this months ago from this site it worked, but now nothing….

    any ideas??

  123. 123 Jonathan

    hey everyone i’m trying this now… instlled this with my nokia nseries suite. its alll install. now i click the icon on my nokia n95 8bg. windows live apears. i click ok then type in my addy and password. now it say synchronise email now. i click yes. now its synchronise contact and email…. NOW ITS SAY ” messenger is not available right now. please try later.” ?????????? What the F**K ive been trying this for days and still the say.

    does anyone have a clue what i can do?????

    Many thanks

    jonathan [email protected]

  124. 124 Mubeen PAKISTAN

    Thanks mate. Working fine with my E62 in Pakistan

  125. 125 morris_26lond UNITED KINGDOM

    Installed and worked perfectly on the nokia e90 communicator
    Thanks for the post all.

  126. 126 TIKI


  127. 127 Fahad UNITED STATES

    Thank You Soo Much. It works great on my Nokia E90 & Nokia E62.

  128. 128 That's life

    For the once living in Ireland and have O2 as an operator, you will not be able to use your Windows Live MSN, unless your phone is a i-mode phone. Some phones that you buy here have MSN pre-installed, and for those people MSN will work perfectly. For the once that has a phone without i-mode, you found that the service was working fine up untill mid-december. However,in mid december the they changed their platform to a new one, so from that point of everyone that do not have a phone with the i-mode service are not able to use the Windows Live MSN. O2 uses a third party supplier for the Windows Live MSN, and it is that third party who has disabeled this functions for those who do not have i-mode phone. If this is done intentially I do not know… So unless someone has a smart way of going around this problem we are not able to use our MSN.
    For those with WIFI, if you take your sim card out, you will find that the MSN should work…

  129. 129 Ali

    I’m using wndws live msngr on my n95, i was also getting the ‘try again later’ error. I’ve just connected on msn msngr and its seems to be working now : )

  130. 130 Camfrogneo UNITED KINGDOM

    Its WORKING PERFECT ON NOKIA N73 you can send files,voice clips and other options is the best.

  131. 131 matea


  132. 132 azozy

    Thanks for this posting.


    Wow!!~~… It worked Flawlessly on my Nokia N93 Mobile Phone…. And I strongly recommend all users to connect through a wireless router/ WiFi hotspot for better effeciency and to realise its maximum performance… Splendid application.. (And a piece of advice, Download other im application in case that you want to connect using a normal gprs, Just In case)

  134. 134 majex



    Just one problem Windows Live Messenger must fix is its text alert sound… Is virtually doesn’t work at all.. Other than that, its working just fine.. Outstanding Application!!.

  136. 136 Russ UNITED KINGDOM


    Really hoping someone can answer my questions here please.

    I got the Nokia N95 8gb Black. Im trying to use this application. Installed perfectly but i am getting the messenger error: not availible, try again later…

    Thing is, i spoke to nokia and they said windows live comes pre installed… Nope, it doesnt. Apparently o2 remove it when branding the mobile.

    The only way i can connect is by using the WI-FI connection. This works perfectly.
    If i go through the ‘o2 active’ then it does not work.

    o2 customer service do not know why it doesn’t work.
    I also have a o2 business account mobile with the o2 xda orbit and win live works perfectly so i know the business accounts let you have access.

    Any one else using N95 black with windows live application on o2?

    Any help greatly appreciated… Spent 2 days trying to resolve and counting! ;-(


  137. 137

    thank you very much

  138. 138 thacrasi

    It worked great for me. I use it every day. It works fine with the
    WLAN. Also, when someone sends me a nudge, my phone vibrates. You also can change your nickname and your display. Its very Cool. You have download it.

  139. 139 Hussein

    Great link and application thanks for everyone. Perfect on E90.

  140. 140 Euro852 UNITED STATES

    I have a N82, the pre-installed Windows Live Messenger stopped working once I installed a USA Sim Card. I was disappointed until I searched and found this site. Now I have newer version installed and is working perfectly. I saw someone post about the nudge feature and the phone vibrates. I don’t see it on the screen?! Thanks!!!

  141. 141 Matiyos NETHERLANDS

    It works great on my Nokia N76, had it runnin’ in no time

  142. 142 Anon

    Thank u very much. It worked fine on my N73!

  143. 143 brew

    good stuff
    works fine

  144. 144 John Carroll UNITED KINGDOM


    I also used to suffer from the “messenger is not available right now. please try again later” error on Vodafone and a new SIM resolved the problem. Apparently odd problems like this can be put down to old SIM cards.



  145. 145 Ed AUSTRALIA

    this app is great

  146. 146 preben

    the messenger only works for 30 days- vhy?

  147. 147 Goran65 SWEDEN

    Works great on Nokia N82

  148. 148 CompuHawk

    Thanks, nice and work fine with me

  149. 149 Jessica

    it works really well with n81.. thx a lot!! the software rockz!! be blessed..

  150. 150 tamer

    messenger is not supporting my Nokia E51

  151. 151 Mat AUSTRALIA

    I got this program and it works fine on my n95 8gb and it does vibrate when i get a nudge but i thought it was supposed to have sound alets for chat as well ? i have no sound even though in the settings i have it enabled.. anyone can help with that ?

  152. 152 Mat AUSTRALIA

    i meant from my last question while the msn program is active and running on the screen, all i get is a flashing alert on the screen. but if i hide the program and go to the main menu the sound does work and only then ?? is anyone else getting still getting this issue ?

  153. 153 ho NORWAY


  154. 154 EoN

    Question: Why isn’t this available to download directly from Microsoft’s website? A few people have asked this with NO answers. Anyone?

  155. 155 Slotty

    So much nicer than the crappy old version i had!

  156. 156 Ricardo PORTUGAL
  157. 157 wld-6110

    i can sync my emails fine but i dont see anything anywhere about signing into MSN ??help??

  158. 158 Sean Kingston

    Damn all these Live Messenger
    They only wanna do your dirt
    They’ll have you suicidal, suicidal
    When they say it’s over

  159. 159 scritch SWEDEN

    could you tell me if nokia e51 support windows live? does nokia e51 support any particularly types of windows live? where can i find them?

  160. 160 Serhan

    Its working with my E90, its so cool… Thanx

  161. 161 mollie

    can sum1 help me out y my n95 keep sayin unable 2 download? Ive been trying 2 download over & over again. But it still the same. Unable 2 download. Thnx in advance.

  162. 162 eagle

    the new msn is real cool am useing it with my nokia e90 the grapihics and the options r superb.but am i able to use my internal video as a web cam ?

  163. 163 jj

    ohhhh thanks..this is wat i always have been waiting for!i downloaded and its working fine!=)just install both the file in the zip.. =D simple and easy :)

  164. 164 luis

    hey, it is really a very good, and necesary app, but i have doubt, why im not able to sign in my account at msn? i can only sign in at hotmail, what can i do to start a session with my other occount?

  165. 165 sara MALAYSIA

    how to download this software to my mobile phone? my mobile is Nokia N70… pls reply me as soon as possible… its urgent?!!!!

  166. 166 Jonny G UNITED KINGDOM

    Perfect! Works Fantastic on N95 8GB on O2 in The UK :D Cheers Guys! Had this on my prevous phone (N95-1) But looks better on 8gb Version :D Cheers! :D

  167. 167 Sam UNITED KINGDOM

    Using the N95 on O2 i was happy to find this, after a lot of frustration as to why i couldnt see the ‘WinLive’ folder.
    I already have Fring d/ld, but i kind of wanted this instead!

    Anyway seems to work great, just instal winlive before dep like others have said and iv had no problems signing in.

    For those with d/l problems download the file to your pc, then transfer it to your phone. I just clicked on the link on this page using my phone though!

    Hope you all get it working soon!

  168. 168 akos GERMANY

    ingback on Mar 17th, 2008 at 7:38 pm

  169. 169 Rebel commander

    Thanks a lot

    where is the linke ?

  170. 170 Tuffy

    Dear friends,

    I have several times tried install n uninstall and reinstalling Windows Live but doesn’t work - it says messenger service not available… pls. try again later. I have also followed the instructions that first the dep file needs to be installed and then the messenger…but doesn’t work still.

    I use a Nokia E90… can someone help?


  171. 171 Robyn
  172. 172 jorge

    well i dont know how to install it if somebody help me puting the instrutions on this page or sending it to my mail will really help me thanks a lot

  173. 173 eric

    it works on n70?

  174. 174 Daniel AUSTRALIA

    Hi everyone, just wondering, does anyone using this application experience the messenger being slow on WIFI?

  175. 175 luigi forestieri

    just installed this on my n95 8Gb edition and it works thru wifi.

  176. 176 Subhrajit INDIA

    Does it work on Nokia E90 communicator,please let me know

  177. 177 Osama Dakhil

    its working very fine with me but the notification sound doesnt work !

  178. 178 Ben

    How do u download it?

  179. 179 Phyrus

    Notification sound works here (E61), but only when it’s hide.

  180. 180 Bleech

    Nice prog..;)
    Only thing I don’t understand is why it’s a 30-day trail?
    are they really serious about the fact that I gotta pay after those 30 days?

  181. 181 Paul Fernandini


    Thanks a lot for the files for the ones who posted and uploaded them!!!

    For those who are having problems. I really recommend to instal the dep.sisx file first and then the windowslive.sis file.

    If you have Gizmo I strongly suggest uninstalling as it may interfere with the windows contact list.

    I did so and I do not have any problems on my N95 8GB.

    Regards from Lima - Peru

  182. 182 Paul Fernandini

    Hi there:

    Many thanks to the ones who posted and uploaded the files!!!

    For those who are having problems. I really recommend to instal the “dep.sisx” file first and then the “windowslive.sis” file.

    If you have Gizmo I strongly suggest uninstalling it as this native software may interfere with the windows contact list.

    I did so and it works perfectly on my N95 8GB.
    here in Peru using any access point (WIFI or my mobile operator network).

    Regards from Lima - Peru

  183. 183 Paul Fernandini

    Please consider the last comment I sent.


  184. 184 Spawner FINLAND

    I actually have to use the really old version, because I don’t want to hear alerts, when I have a chat open. It’s very annoying. I guess it would be too hard to make three options for the sound.

  185. 185 Mubashar AUSTRALIA

    Its Very good.

  186. 186 Cesar

    hi friends
    help plz
    I’m not access the windows live messenger from my 6120classic.
    in the display “try again”

  187. 187 Chris CANADA

    Took me 2 tried but it works great thanks!

  188. 188 Emmanuel CANADA

    Perfectly works on nokia E61i.
    Thanks alot!!

  189. 189 ncinar TURKEY

    very god works on nokia n82

  190. 190 Peter

    Not enough memory, guess it is one large program, as I have 55meg available!


    I am thinking of buying a N95 8 Gig outright and then downloading the Windows Live App for the phone, will I be charged for using Windows Live Msn? (P.S. I am on Prepaid not a plan)

  192. 192 n95 8gb


    its good for my n95 8gb nokia!


  193. 193 Belgin SEN TURKEY

    Perfectly works on nokia e65. Thanks alot.

  194. 194 birkan TURKEY

    I use with my N95 its ver good

  195. 195 click^me

    hi i install and works good,but when i try to go to my spaces it dosent do anything…?any suggest?

  196. 196 hamada ghanim

    thanks you

    nice messenger

  197. 197 hi

    its not working

  198. 198 candy AUSTRALIA

    Thank YOUU =D..

    this is one hectic thing that has been released mans

  199. 199 Norman John POLAND
  200. 200 MSNUser CANADA

    Hi Guys,

    I have an E65 and have installed the app using the correct sequence. It works with a or account but doesnt work with a account. Any ideas how I can make it work for my MSN account? to everyone who is saying it works can you please specify what account type you are using? IE. hotmail, live, MSN, passport etc.


  201. 201 David

    Works ok with WIFI connection in my NOKIA E90

    Doesn’t work with HDSPA, 3G or GPRS.

    I live in Spain… any idea

    Best Regards

  202. 202 Carl UNITED KINGDOM

    brilliant application, worked first time.

    Shame it doeant mention that its only a 30 day free trial and then you have to pay. might be ways around this by uninstallin etc but not sure.


  203. 203 Rei

    I don’t know why, but after downloading this file and doing all the instruction.. i still can not loggin to my account? i can not even find the way to insert my msn account and its password?

    a little help pls?

  204. 204 FADI CANADA

    CAN someone please help meee??
    I have an n95 8gb, and every time i go to messages and try to open the attachments it shows an error message “Operation failed, please try again later”. And i try again and again. It used to work at the begening but now it shows that error message. Can someone pleasee HELP ME I really need this
    Help would be appreciated

  205. 205 amir


  206. 206 Francis Wilson UNITED KINGDOM

    This is the 1.0.6141 verson but theres a newer verson v1.1.8161

    just type it in google then your sorted.

  207. 207 MSNUser UNITED STATES

    Francis Wilson You ROCK> I will try the new version tonight and hopefully it will work with account.


  208. 208 iqbal INDONESIA

    hey.. it doesn’t work in my n73? why? please reply a.s.a.p


    hi .. thx 4 this ..
    i download it but im confused .. i wanna 2 put my account name but how??

    plz i need help .

  210. 210 Eng.Edoo JORDAN


  211. 211 vlady BULGARIA

    Thank you for the great MSN! Works PERFECT on Nokia N73!
    Cheers from Bulgaria.

  212. 212 Alex

    Please, tell me where I can download it from. I can’t find it

  213. 213 Talal


    u help 4 7beby 3hood

  214. 214 Jemp

    v 1.1 is now out (it´s v1.0). Where to get the newest version?

  215. 215 berber

    there is new version search for it on google Windows Live Messenger v1.1.9000

  216. 216 MSNUser CANADA

    I have tried the new version v1.1.9000. I cant see any icons with thtis version. I have a Nokia E65. Anyone know why?

  217. 217 Sammy SWEDEN

    What is dep.sisx? It’s interesting that no one of you asked this question first of all. It might be a malicious software you know! And installing Live Messenger on your phone may not be worth the price you’ll pay if something goes wrong. I personally won’t install this until I get some more information on it. So please, could the author/publisher please write two or three words about these files? And why should I download it from this site and not some official Microsoft web site? Thanks!

  218. 218 ro0oke


  219. 219 AA AUSTRALIA

    dep.sisx is a Nokia contacts program.

  220. 220 Jojo AUSTRALIA

    For everyone who found they can’t enter there account details; just enter ’sign in’ and then you will eventually be asked to accept the user agreement and then be asked to provide your account details.

    Hope that helps everyone.

  221. 221 acidx AUSTRALIA

    can anyone tell me why I cant sign in with my (.msn) account but only my hotmail on my n95 8gb? thanks

  222. 222 MSNUser

    acidx you need to update the version of MSN on your nokia. You probably have version “WindowsLive_S60_3_0_v_1_0_6141_Signed.SIS”. YOu need to get version “WindowsLive_S60_3_1_v_1_1_8161_signed.SIS” or “WindowsLive_S60_3_1_v_1_1_9000_signed.SIS” Just make sure you update the dep.sisx for it as well.

    I had the similar issue on a Nokia E65. I updated mine and was able to signin using my (.msn) account. But I dont see any icons or the status symbol for all my contact. anyone else have that issue?


  223. 223 elie

    i tried it on nokia n73 it works but it doesn’t sign me in it tell me that there is no connection but in fact i have an alfa internet connection so why it doesn’t work with me plz reply as soon as possible

  224. 224 stephen

    Hi all
    If you read this please understand
    That Windows Live Messenger is NOT FREE..u will use it for 30 days then after that you will PAY £1.50 for other 30 days !!!!


  225. 225 adrian AUSTRALIA

    Thank u sooo much i have been looking 4 a decent msn 4 ages xpt this is only a trial how long does it last?

  226. 226 Allan

    This worked perfectly in my E71. I didn’t even have to install dep.sis. Thanks for this.

  227. 227 rachel

    ive downloaded it but when i open it, it sayins i need to download 2 dif files

    * dep.sisx
    * windowslive.sis

    where can i get these files from?

  228. 228 AA
  229. 229 Adamal AUSTRALIA

    I tried to install the dep file on my N96, but it wouldn’t install, saying it was already installed. I installed the WindowsLive.sisx and its working fine.

  230. 230 APC


  231. 231 ami

    i have an doesn wrk on my cell..i mean i installd it n thn whn u click n try n open it it doesn…any help i cud get?

  232. 232 Norman John
  233. 233 sal

    PLZ PLZ PLZ just help me out as i have just download messenger on my E51 how to sing in for the first time where shoud i entered my email address. i am fully screwd up. ineeed ur help bro

  234. 234 Regina INDONESIA

    i cannot sign in. help me please. thanks.

  235. 235 Mo0o0o0dy


  236. 236 LixendinO

    Thanks for the WLM. for Mobile

  237. 237 Mavman UNITED KINGDOM

    Works great on new Nokia N96, apart from spaces. but i,ll get it to work in the end.

  238. 238 Gustavo Covarrubias

    How old is annyone here.

  239. 239 Themis

    Thanks very match,it working perfect.

  240. 240 noname

    fking many comments

  241. 241 Ghalya KUWAIT

    Works fabulously on nokia e71, I absolutely LOVE it! <3

  242. 242 rami LEBANON

    thx it works on nokia e51

  243. 243 Joe KUWAIT


    i m searching for windows live messenger for mobile that can make video call with mobile to PC or mob to mob using wifi connection
    please can anybody help/

  244. 244 Sigmar

    can i donwload an install this wlm app on my nokia n85?

  245. 245 Alex

    it works sooooo great!!! thanks!!! :)

  246. 246 asif

    thank you

    i’m not have msn on mobi

  247. 247 keith

    it works really well with my n85. Perfect! Thanks!

  248. 248 Bea AUSTRALIA

    How do I finish the installation on the Nokia device user interface?

  249. 249 Bea AUSTRALIA

    (Above) Ignore please.

    If I sign in Windows Live on my phone, is that connected to WLAN?

  250. 250 kazuki

    i’d downloaded to my new E71 (hk version)
    very good working! thanks!!!

  251. 251 bob

    i like it

  252. 252 Trump NETHERLANDS

    My N96 and N95 both don’t show problems. It works great,thanks

  253. 253 UMER

    VERY NICE !!!!

  254. 254 Mohamed

    Works great on n96 thank you very much A++++++++++++++++++++++++


    Thank You very much

  256. 256 robby NETHERLANDS

    from the netherlands:

    it’s working great on my n96 without installing dep.sisx

  257. 257 Kayani PAKISTAN

    Wowowowow .. m waiting from last 5 months for this kinda application for my Nokia E61 and its rocking..

    love you whoever uploaded this .. thanks and i hope its freee for ever lol

    mwah .. Long live Nokia

  258. 258 Nicky

    i had try at my nokia n78..
    but i failed to install dep.sisx
    is it n78 is nt supported?

  259. 259 clarence

    i keep getting the error massage “unable to install” what should i do?

  260. 260 Sevki TURKEY

    i load it to my n78. it works great!! altough i cant load dep.sisx it work. Thans 4 sharing

  261. 261 Alexandre

    Worked fine in a E71 without the deps pack.

  262. 262 lucas SLOVAKIA

    Hey, it’s working like a charm and haven’t even installed dep.sisx
    on my e71. Thank you!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  263. 263 ogin INDONESIA

    Is the trial notices real, as you say that this is absolutely FREE??

  264. 264 Alaa CANADA


  265. 265 ubetido AUSTRALIA

    Very very nice and works perfectly on nokia 6120c.Thank you very much indeed.U

  266. 266 reli06 ITALY

    i have installed this, but it cannot be signed in, i feel i havent put any of my hotmail add, but can be signed in.. but it keeps loading only not signing in and cant sync my email. can anyone explain? thanks

  267. 267 mohammed faisal

    to make it work on a nokia 6233 you have to change the file into jar file

  268. 268 Mo

    Hi! This is an awesome tool. Works. But if I want to create an Email. New Message –> Email, it still asks me to define a mailbox. How can I default this to Windows Live? Thanks.

  269. 269 pakistan FRANCE

    how to add adress in messenger?
    any tell me plss


    but i cant sing out from the hotmail…how??

  271. 271 aboyasser

    first…..u’ve 2 go 2 manger& unistall nokia contacts service
    then nokia install ze new version & go on

  272. 272 mirx AUSTRALIA

    Hi guys! I can’t seem to login to WLM with one of my Live IDs after I dabbled with Windows Live Messenger 2009. However, when I tried logging in using my other Live ID, it worked.

    I have updated my WLM Mobile to the latest one available through the Download! button in my N95. What other suggestions can you provide?


  273. 273 faisal

    i need windows live messenger for my nokia 6233

  274. 274 Alejandrolestad


  275. 275 anonymous


  276. 276 SamSong UNITED KINGDOM

    Thanks for this im using it on my n95.

    But I can’t get it to work with my Samsung i8510. Its also a S60 phone, windows live installs fine but I can’t get the dep.sisx to install, maybe because my phone isn’t a nokia.

    Anyone know if I can get this version of windows live to work on it? Any help appreciated as the other versions of windows live available are not as good as this one! Thanks.

  277. 277 emiljano ALBANIA

    its grate

  278. 278 yarikonings NETHERLANDS

    yeah workes with my N83, Windows Live kicks ass!

  279. 279 Mazen LEBANON

    No it’s not working so well on Nokia E51.. it only signs in and receives mail but i can’t talk to anyone on the messenger :S

  280. 280 gemma smiht

    i want it on my mobile nd its not woking

  281. 281 lamahomsi


  282. 282 Davey NETHERLANDS

    omg thank you

  283. 283 Steve CHINA

    I just purchased an E71 and decided to try this out and so far everything seems OK. The only issue I am having, which may just be an issue with Microsoft, if that when i try to sign in it tells me “Sign in failure. There was an error with the Windows Live ID service. Please try again later”. I will try again later as it says and see whta happens, however signing in on WLM on the laptop has no issues. Any ideas?

  284. 284 bnv

    “windowzz liv nt available” this is the prob every one has suggest us solutn…
    ansd my cntact list dissappearzz & every time i log in there is no contctzz………….have reinstalld 5 timzzz

    plz suggest me some solutin and the site from which i can download its latest versn

  285. 285 giovanni


  286. 286 yasin GERMANY


  287. 287 catalin ROMANIA

    thanks, work perfect on N 95 :D

  288. 288 Dedilovac

    Thank you !

  289. 289 Petr CZECH REPUBLIC


    working good on E51 - thanks.

    However I have other problem - if I’m connected on my PC and I will connect to phone (via same ID account) my WLM on PC is going to OFFLINE and reverse.

    Do you (someone) know, how can I be connected on two places at the same time?

    Let me know pls!
    Thank you,

  290. 290 danny

    Totally works! Thank you! I’m using my Nokia 5700.

  291. 291 Adolfas IRELAND

    Works perfect on my nokia n95

  292. 292 toni

    i dont know what to do okay so i need help but i dont know what to download is it on my phone or the laptop or computer ???????????????????????????????????????

  293. 293 Benjam!n

    does ANY1 know if this also works for nokia n96????

  294. 294 berimbau PORTUGAL

    Is this app totaly free??
    (Works perfect in N78)
    When i installed and start it says that i have 30 days bla bla bla…
    It’s really free or not?

  295. 295 memo

    i keep getting unable to install ( in useig b96)

  296. 296 punisher666

    the n80 fantomet was write !!! firt instal window…sis and the the dep ssx

  297. 297 Joroldan AUSTRALIA

    Hello!!! thanks for the post! it works well on my nokia 9500! great job!

  298. 298 Kirukato

    Yeah… Tis software rox! It fits my N81 so perfectly… =)
    Thanx a lot…

  299. 299 Sean Kingston 4ever MALAYSIA

    is it true?

  300. 300 equue

    hey thank u it works super nice

  301. 301 simon pan

    Thank you, it works

  302. 302 alx29

    is it possible to change language?
    still works GREAT! :)

  303. 303 talal KUWAIT

    hey i cant instale it in my n96 :(

  304. 304 Trond NORWAY

    I have the Samsung I8510 Innov8, and WANT Windows Live Messenger Mobile on it!
    But i can’t get it installed, is it just for Nokia symbian s60 phones? :s
    I thats the case.. sucks.

    Where do I find Windows Live Messenger Mobile to mine?

  305. 305 DazKyL MALTA

    This works perfect with my Nokia N82…N82 best nokia ever :D

  306. 306 teesh


    I’ve download it to my mobile but it doesn’t work..couldn’t sign in..and now i am having trouble uninstalling meout here how to keep on saying unable to delete.

  307. 307 stacia AUSTRALIA

    thank you for the information ..

  308. 308 Soultaker BULGARIA

    I just downloaded the .zip file and followed the instructions. I have Nokia n85 ( no firmware update yet since it is bugged for me ) and I tried to install the dep.sisx but it gave error for certificate. So i just had to skip it and directly installed the WindowsLive.sis and everything went fine and the application works perfectly for N85. I just have 1 question: Am I under some 30days trial period at the moment ? Because I installed this via my Downloads sections of the phone and it said that there is 30days trial period for this. maybe it was other version or the same thing is valid for this WindowsLive.SIS ?

  309. 309 Birol TURKEY


    Could we make conversation with somebody by visually with the camera of Nokia E90?

    Although, I installed the software, we couldn’t make visual conversation with my friend?

    What could be reasons?

    Thanks in advance.


  310. 310 Robin Scheurwater NETHERLANDS

    For the guys who haves problems with logging in. Go to options and choose sign in. After that there opens an wizard who ask you about your account information.

  311. 311 K

    It’s free to use right? I don’t have to pay anything on the phone bills do I? I’m using my own wireless internet as a connection

  312. 312 brian

    can i get this on my samsung e250?



  314. 314 ash

    thanks ur da best

  315. 315 HyperzD

    How do you get it working cause im having troubles getting it working :(

  316. 316 mimo

    choukran, merci, thanks
    it works perfectly on my Nokia 6120c
    for those who still have problems in it then it’s either another version of your phone or you still don’t know how does it function

  317. 317 sarah UNITED KINGDOM

    how do i get it?
    im just want a msn on my phone cant you have a website where you type in your mobile nuimber and it comes on your phonee.? :(

  318. 318 orlando

    managed to install it on my nokia n81 i can send and receive emails but im not able to talk to anyone throu the messenger app. i dont receive any messages sent to me and my messages never gets throu. any help appreciated, thanks

  319. 319 Harry UNITED KINGDOM

    you are a pure genious i was going mad looking for msn for the nokia e90 communicator, works wicked, thanks mate, your a life saver

  320. 320 juliano

    hi this messenger don not funcion in or only in becouse i have mail msn . help me


    Can anyone tell me where I should enter my user name and password?

  322. 322 alim

    hi all, i got E71, previously i got error with the windows live, so i decided to remove it and try to install it again with just like most u did last time,but after i change the date become 2006 and 2007 it still can’t work out, theres still expired certificate text come up when i want to install it,
    can anyone helps me please…
    THANKZ so much

  323. 323 Tania

    Gracias!!! me funciona a la perfección!!!

  324. 324 thiago acko

    really cool installing right now!

  325. 325 nit JORDAN

    sounds great, but does any one know where can i find Download dep.sisx and windowslive.sis?
    i’ve been trying to install MSN through my PC but couldn’t find the Download dep.sisx and windowslive.sis files.

  326. 326 umar

    man this rocks…bye bye Ebuddy…

  327. 327 Miguelon

    Great!!! I’ve just installed on my Nokia E65 and it works perfect.

    Greetings from Mexico!!!!

  328. 328 FC

    Works flawlessly!!! This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Was using Fring and eBuddy before but never going back to those again. Thanks a lot man.

  329. 329 FC

    I am using Nokia E71 by the way.

  330. 330 jade

    i click the download button,then it downloads,butwen i go to the file location and click the dep but it comes up with the options open or save i click open then the internet comes up but closes again and asks if i want to open or save again over and over again and it does the same for the windowslive file

    Can you please help me as i would love to have msn on my phone !!

    Thank You Sooo Much If You Do Help Me !!

  331. 331 Peter UNITED KINGDOM

    Updated my E51 software and lost my Windows live. Spent ages trying to find help on how to re-instal but this was the one that worked! THANK YOU!

  332. 332 Jaz16

    Hey there, i just installed the windows live on my E75, it works well and i didnt have to install the dep.sisx hehe! Cool! Thanks for this~

  333. 333 Victoria AUSTRALIA

    I have installed the windows live file without any problems but couldnt install the dep file which doesnt seem to be a big problem as it works fine. What is a dep file anyway?

    BUT i cant send emails as it says i havent synchronised my inbox…but it doesnt say how i can do that?

    Any help?
    Thanks a lot!

  334. 334 enver güvenç

    N71 de çok güzel çalışmaktadır.

    N71 is working very well.

    N71 fonctionne très bien.

    N71 funktioniert sehr gut.

  335. 335 Luq24

    how do i install it on the lg glimmer?

  336. 336 Brandon

    thnx app works great

  337. 337 Jihad

    Thank You Sooo Much

  338. 338 wuntyme CANADA

    do i have to change the firmware to use this live messanger..
    where do i upload this program in my N95? any specific folder????

  339. 339 star*platinum

    I live here in the U.S, and had downloaded the messenger before. But as soon as I download the up dates for my phone the messenger dissapear. So I downloaded it again and the instalation went well. Its just that I can’t sign into my account it keeps giving me this message “sign-in failure” there was an error with the windows live ID service. please try again later. WHAT does that mean.

    please help, anyone

    thank you

  340. 340 fahad

    thanks for uploading its workin fine on my n76

  341. 341 SGigli

    it works. Thanks

  342. 342 Anna AUSTRALIA

    I wanna download this onto my phone.
    But im not sure because i dont believe its free,
    those mofos all want cash and stuff nothing come free no more…


    thank you to whom replies :)

  343. 343 SL

    Worked perfectly fine with my N93i but on my new N97 I get a certificate error when I try to install the dep.sisx. Just installing the windowslive.sis works but I cannot use the ‘view contact info/space’ features on the application. It also closes the app when I choose via the options to add an emoticon and some links do not work properly. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  344. 344 Gusmel

    I installed the software but it only works in Japanese.. What can I do?

  345. 345 ahmed

    many thanks to you man
    it helped alot
    thanks and wish you luck

  346. 346 Rafael

    It worked perfectly on e71 without installing dep.sisx.

  347. 347 mickey

    i really need it because i don’t have one

  348. 348 azh

    its work well at E51

  349. 349 تعال اضمك

    شكراا عالبرنامج

  350. 350 Rikmano

    This is an awesome download, thank you for allowing me and other Nseries users use this software, works brillant on my Nokia N82 device :D Im very pleased with the outcome :D
    Thank you once again


  351. 351 Ms Mimi

    I’ve tried to install a few chat ware for my E75 and all of it either made me disappointed or not satisfied.So i try this ware and WOHOO! it work…thanx a lotzzzzzz……. :D

  352. 352 Gabriela

    Não consigo instalar o messenger, instalo o primeiro aplicativo e quando vou instalar o segundo diz que a licença expirou. O que faço???

  353. 353 Leong

    not quite working right. groups don’t turn out right, etc. can’t install dep.sis, but the app still can work.

  354. 354 fahad

    hey guys i downloaded da software & installed it but can anyone tell me how to sign in coz it doesn’t ask my id & keeps signing in without da id….plz help !!!!

  355. 355 keion

    how do i update pleas help

  356. 356 miya

    thanks, it perfectly works!

  357. 357 giorgos


  358. 358 geo444 GREECE


  359. 359 crome CANADA

    hi work on my nokia e71 but not the calling option i mean msn call
    thank you

  360. 360 Lidermin

    Works like a charm ! thanks a lot, i was looking for this for a long time, i already gave up trying to find it. You are the best.

  361. 361 Don NORWAY

    doesnt work with my n95-1

  362. 362 panda

    the conversations are saved anywhere in the phone?

  363. 363 Jason

    thanks this is awesome!

  364. 364 minasyo GREECE

    hi its free?

  365. 365 ali

    i needf to istall my phone nokia n72

  366. 366 Ronaldo

    Work in Sony Ericsson?

  367. 367 s. ali alawi NETHERLANDS

    thenk you

  368. 368 anthony tan

    Hi, can it be use on nokia n97? i try to download the window live application file but it show cerfiticate error?
    Pls advise..Thanks

  369. 369 ilgar

    Thank youu…..

  370. 370 M ROMANIA

    Works fine on E51. Thanks

  371. 371 lordamit AUSTRALIA

    Works perfectly. Thank you.
    shared in FB as well ;)

  372. 372 gimi

    weryy gooddd

  373. 373 Dave

    Weee no manches sooper de poca made el messenger de vdd muchisisimas gracias tenia ya dos dias buscandolo mil gracias!!!

    De maravilla

  374. 374 anna AUSTRALIA

    does this work for LG kp500 cookie phone please? many thanks

  375. 375 me FINLAND

    this version dosen´t play my mobile phone i have nokia n96

  376. 376 Gerald HONG KONG

    It is not work for my Nokia 5530 ! :(

  377. 377 Hushard SRI LANKA

    Works well on e51, no issues at all, tried both 3G and WiFi and connected without a problem

  378. 378 cg13 AUSTRALIA

    Just downloaded, just installed, just work like a charm! hope it will stays free forever!!!

  379. 379 sherif

    am using nokia n97 i haver many contacts on msn about 1000

    so when i downloaded windows live messenger on my nokia n97….i installed it and started downloading contacts automatically..but at the middle of stops and says that ur not connected to the internet or ur in offline mode..etc
    but actually am i think there is an error in one of my contacts or something???

    so how can i download my contacts..or using the windows live messenger on my mobile anyway even without downloading the contacts..????


  380. 380 DieLange NETHERLANDS

    The msn works fine on the nokia E71 with wifi

  381. 381 amjed

    glad that i found it

    hope that it’s the latest softwere

  382. 382 Hussein

    I have an E75,
    the dip.six thing doesn’t want to install, so i installed the second one and it’s working, so is it necessary to install the first one
    THANKS !! :)

  383. 383 Nokia N81 MALAYSIA

    Thank man, it work fine.. i’m using N81 8GB by the way..

  384. 384 rOsHn!

    hi……!! i am new user.!!

  385. 385 Kadri Akkurt TURKEY

    Hello everybody, it’s working great in my Nokia E71. It said “not support” when i tried to install dep.sisx, but after that i already installed WindowsLive.SIS. I am using this one now and it’s really great..Thanks so much

  386. 386 coffee drinker

    does this program allow u to upload your photos?

  387. 387 momo SAUDI ARABIA


  388. 388 ahmad

    it dsnt work on n72 while instaling from pc error >Operation Faild.:(

  389. 389 Martin_teng

    Thank you very much,I find it so long!

  390. 390 anas


  391. 391 mazen00 SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC

    thanx 4 messenger

  392. 392 Johhnnny GERMANY

    very very nice, functions 100%

  393. 393 Manfred

    This version is the best one I got from the internet, thanks a lot.

  394. 394 lyn


  395. 395 Anonymous32 UNITED KINGDOM

    My Phone Always Says Unsupported Content Why ?

  396. 396 Hasan SAUDI ARABIA

    Thanks For Thay’s Prog.

  397. 397 morphius.

    I have downloaded it and it worked without installing the ‘dep’ application.
    thank you to you guys. i have been looking for the ‘live messenger’ since long for my nokia e71

  398. 398 Sam

    Thank Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Thank Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Thank Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Thank Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Thank Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu So Much

  399. 399 roman UNITED STATES

    how do you install these files windows cannot open? wtfff

  400. 400 roman UNITED STATES

    how are you suppose to install a file you cannot open ,dep.sisx and the other file, do you drag it somewhere or something why does everyone explain things here like were rocket scientists

  401. 401 joel

    hey i installed it on my nokia n95 and it cant start up the program whats wrong???

  402. 402 Ahmad

    Thanks Mate
    It Worked On 6120 Classic..:)

  403. 403 Abelicious YEMEN


    Thanks SO MUCH for the application. I got an E71 and it worked perfect without even installing the dep.sisx application. It said “application built-in” So I installed the WindowsLive app right away and it worked fine.

    Great Application!!

  404. 404 Elena CANADA

    I’ve installed the windows live messenger but now I have no idea where to go to start using it. Please help! I have a Nokia E71.

  405. 405 yan

    how to i delete the whole windows live emails from my messaging? i sync it into my phone but i actually dun need that in my phone. is there any way to do that. pls help. thankz


    Thankssss A Lot :)))

  407. 407 pesho

    Danke das ist nett

  408. 408 Rishav INDIA

    Great !!!!

  409. 409 CEDserive OMAN

    this is old version .

  410. 410 Nicole

    How can i install windows live messenger for my phone nokia n82??

  411. 411 thomas SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC

    Thanks you very much you are the bests

  412. 412 Adam

    its not work whit my N95

  413. 413 Eric Loga

    its work but my phone contact cant access. after uninstalling, the contact can be access. What a waste

  414. 414 dhillon AUSTRALIA

    i hav instal msn software 4m here its very gud.its very gud working in my e71.

  415. 415 tareq

    from where can we download this thing dep.sisx and windowslive.SIS plz somebody answer me now!!!!!!!! i beg u people i need this thing very much its my life plzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!

  416. 416 ABDESSAMAD

    work great with my N82

    thank’s a lot

  417. 417 ABDESSAMAD
  418. 418 lee CHINA

    oh after i installed on my device nokia E65 it wont work,does anybody know why?

  419. 419 alaa

    what this probleme :bad zip file .bad zip file . How i can start this programme ? Please i need help

  420. 420 mizael

    I am more happy!!! In this my e63 phone nokia fantastic!!! The msn is working very good. Thanks!!!

  421. 421 sue

    Please,when I install dep.sis it says component is built in unable to install and then i installed windows live.sis and it worked but with no contacts @ all I have 0 contancts

  422. 422 Alan

    Finally I have WLM on my E63! Thank you very much. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get it on my phone for ages!

  423. 423 Tarne SAUDI ARABIA

    Thank You :)

  424. 424 kh studio THAILAND

    it work for e61i type old version os
    but if u update with nokia updater sofeware ..
    it can’t work .. so long to sign in ..
    and i don’t know , how can i returned to old version update

  425. 425 BerryLove AUSTRALIA

    it’s very nice!!!


  426. 426 Harnish AUSTRALIA

    Its work on E63

    I really thanks my dear

  427. 427 Ozan

    I have a problem..
    I have installed Windows Live Messenger on my E71,
    but i can not see all of my online contacts in it..
    Does someone know why it so is?

  428. 428 petey-d

    Thanks man it worked on my Nokia e63i

  429. 429 RDilus NETHERLANDS

    tnx works on E70 N98 and N95-2 8GB

  430. 430 Poon THAILAND

    Thx so much ^^

    E63 supports this version.

    After I unintentionally removed “window live” from my phone - -”

    Thx again

  431. 431 ekabangors INDONESIA

    hmm, its amazing but this sering disconet

  432. 432 pablo

    Thanks so much!!! Gracias!!!
    Working good on my E63!!!

  433. 433 Bud UNITED KINGDOM

    does this work for Nokia 6300

  434. 434 johan

    thx , its work great on my e63.

    it works without installed dep.sis just only install windows live.sis.

  435. 435 sauda UNITED KINGDOM

    howcan i download msn on my n80phone

  436. 436 Dylan NETHERLANDS

    I only can see 100 people 14 online and 86 ?

  437. 437 vajahat

    nice application dude

  438. 438 sameer

    i want to any software my mail add; ok my friend

  439. 439 mina

    Please i need help

  440. 440 adam

    Thanks so much man!!!

  441. 441 ali TURKEY


  442. 442 Vinnaum

    Great :D

  443. 443 Sameer Usmani

    it worked on my Nokia E51 very nicely, nice application, Thank You !

  444. 444 tawfiq

    it is very goooood

  445. 445 Luh

    Thx! This is working really fine on my E71. I’ve tried a lot of things but only this workrd out :)

  446. 446 suphot

    I use motorola a780 don’t install sis and sisx file.
    motorola use a jar file install you have jar file

  447. 447 baddawi

    Thanks man .. working really fine

  448. 448 deary

    any onest person can contact me.

  449. 449 elie

    i’m usin it at my new e63 and it’s definitely 100 % workin

  450. 450 Ad

    Wow, works great with my N95

  451. 451 Kevin Rudd AUSTRALIA

    Hey, How can I get this to work on a N97 mini, it worked perfect on my n95 8gb, but every time i try to install dep.sisx is there a reason why?

  452. 452 Mike

    Is this the real deal or what? The deb.sisx file can’t be installed att all. The “WindowsLive” are easy installed but whats with the Deb file? What does it do?

    Byw it’s expired too.

    So who can hook me/us up with the the newest Windows Live Messenger for Symbian S60 3 Edt?

    I Use Nokia 6700 Slide and can NOT install Dep.sisx at all. It has expired.

  453. 453 Amr Hesham

    You can now get this application for free from the OVI Store.

  454. 454 andrea

    i have been trying all afternoon. its says that it can be installed i guess the certificates are old or something can someone hook me up with the real thing? i got a nokia e71

  455. 455 aghilas

    N72 it’s very good mobile

  456. 456 lauren UNITED KINGDOM

    how do you transfer it onto a samsung toco lite ??

  457. 457 youssef


  458. 458 Weslley

    thank you, worked perfect on my Nokia E61i

  459. 459 bltagie

    thanks man its working

  460. 460 Sona

    yuhooooo….yupiiii its work:D
    u solved one of my big prob. thanku

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