irRemote is Available to Download

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Don’t forget; it’s trial version..

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  1. 1 Dave

    Awesome. I just tried it and becuase I installed the beta version (but couldn’t activate it) it says the triel’s over :-(.

    Can anyone confirm it works well on an E90 before I buy it?

  2. 2 admin TURKEY


    Before installation, You have to remove DRMCommonSolutions in app.manager and install full version;)

  3. 3 cosimo

    ho installato ma mi dice cheil periodo di prova è scaduto…..

  4. 4 bily4b

    thnx for that gr8 soft i was waiting for it long time b4

    today i download the the soft and i installed it my n73
    but when i open it its not doing anything
    i mean Iremote doesn’t wanted to opened

    plz any one can help me what i should be do

    thnx advance


    Hi Admin,

    What do you mean with APP. MANAGER?

  6. 6 Ian AUSTRALIA

    I bought it, installed it, and am contemplating trying to get my money back.
    I’ve only been able to get it to work with my Yamaha amp (one of my two) and that is all.
    Almost every room in my house had a remote of some sort!
    Stupidly designed menus, and having to refresh and refresh and freaking refresh is ridiculous.
    That and the lack of a user guide is just crap.
    They need to check out the guide for SymSMB. Now THAT is a guide.


    Man I removed DRMCommonSolutions but then it won’t work.

    Who can help me out?

  8. 8 admin TURKEY

    Kaan; first uninstall old version of irremote (beta) and also remove DRMCommonSolutions. Now, you can install full version..


    What do you mean with the old version of Irremote? I didn’t have an Irremote on my N73 before. Can you explain it further please?

    It’s very complicated :)

  10. 10 Moonpark

    Wont work!!! Screen says “trial version expired” !!!!!! WHY???

  11. 11 Urban SLOVENIA

    I have one question! I downloaded this version of Psiloc IR remote, but when i want to try it, it says : Your Licence has expired! Purchase licence … and so on …

    So … How do i get licence code ???

    I allready deleted all previous version of DRMCommonSolutions in app.manager … ???

    pls help?:)


  12. 12 admin TURKEY
  13. 13 Kaan NETHERLANDS

    I have the same prob. as Urban dear admin but it’s a TRIAL VERSION, how come that it you can’t try it out? That’s very strange..

    But it doesn’t matter now. I will make it work sooner or later.

    Thanks for your help :)

  14. 14 selo


  15. 15 matias

    cual es la claveeeeeeeeeeeeee

  16. 16 MtlMan

    Works like a charm on my E70. A great app indeed!

  17. 17 mohamad

    thank’s for you.
    where the paswoord?

  18. 18 zosterash

    hello. i too have had the trial installed. i didn’t use it for some time, so i though i might reinstall it, o i can open it, to go to the purchase links. but now it won’t open. Options>Open and nothing happens. HELP plssss. I have n73.

  19. 19 frenzo INDIA

    Cool stuff !

  20. 20 maRc AUSTRALIA

    pls.. help me in activation..
    the software I’ve instaled was alredy xpired..
    pls send me some activation key..or teach me how to use it again ..
    lokin forward

  21. 21 ryan

    hi all, i tried to install this program on my nokia n 95 and the thelephone tells me that the certificate has expired i can install th eprogram??

  22. 22 fsdfsd NEW ZEALAND

    hey man um it says certificate expired what year was this made so i can change the date on my phone to the rite one and full date eg 1//06/2007


    thanks very much

  24. 24 DAVID


  25. 25 Adel AUSTRALIA

    works very good on so many things , tvs , videos and so on . great to have program . Thanks for the developers .

  26. 26 ayman

    works very good on so many things , tvs , videos and so on . great to have program . Thanks for the developers .

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