How to Fix Expired Certificate Error

I’m receiving a lot of comments and mails about this problem. Solving Expired Certificate error is very easy

Open Menu >Settings

In settings Find Date & Time

Set your Year to “2006″. Because some applications are certificated for 2005-2006. After setting your Year to 2006 install the application who gives certificate error

Finish your installation and you can set your current date back:)

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  1. 1 Balu AUSTRALIA

    Thanks For Info…

  2. 2 ecn

    You can also use SISWare to see the exact validity period of a certificate or just resign it with your own certificate.

  3. 3 Diego Marcell

    Bem pensando !

  4. 4 Aleksey Trufanov

    So simple! Thanks a lot!

  5. 5 Denis

    Doesnt work for my N95 8GB!can someone help please because i have been trying to solve this for a pretty long time

  6. 6 San

    Same as Denis…. Do something Plz…

  7. 7 bappy

    hay its not warking in my phone

  8. 8 porto LEBANON

    if it doesnt work, try to view details of the Sis.file which to be installed, to get specific date & time. Use them on phone…and run sis

  9. 9 starfilled UNITED STATES

    Worked great on my N82! Thanks. :)


    thank you for you Infomation it so use full


    hey is not work at nokia 5700… WHY??

  12. 12 alireza mohammadi

    I have a nokia n73 version 3.0638.0.0.1 30-10-2006 .Iwant to update my phone,s software freely and when Iwant to install a new software ,it warns unable to checking certificate.check settigs. please help me.

  13. 13 efecan TURKEY

    doesn’t work for my e60

  14. 14 Euro852 UNITED STATES

    Tried it on other applications on this site and still does not work! Help please! I have a N82.

  15. 15 sooty UNITED KINGDOM

    still not working on my N95 8gb. can anyone help? i hate it when such great functionality like what’s available on this phone is let down by crap like this…

  16. 16 Nilanjan Das

    Its not working in my E61. After changing the year to 2006 the error message while installing is ” certificate may have expired and there is error in your date setting”. Also i ve not able to instal adobe reader as the .sis file is not supported. Tried with mobile signer but as the file is not getting copied am unable to load the sis file…also unable to download 3gp files as it is getting downloaded as text document…pls help, regards,

  17. 17 Arvic AUSTRALIA

    You can also try to change the month.
    I changed mine (N73 ME) into June 2007 and the expiry message did not appear anymore.

  18. 18 Gurkha SPAIN

    It works for my N95 8GB if I change to 2007 instead of 2006

  19. 19 Rusik UNITED STATES

    Just check the date of your file was modified, for example if it was 4/12/2006 change date in ur phone on 4/15/2006 and it will work!!!

  20. 20 WorldSense NORWAY

    for those who have N95 ,and if u have already a certificate and it expierd dont worry , sign your new application with it , and when you want to install it on mobile ,you can just go the the CLOCK and go to change the date back to same period your certificate was vaild. There you go , install your application with no problem.

  21. 21 mike

    works perfectly with my n93i. thanks. ive had this problem with my previous n80 and e61

  22. 22 loki INDIA

    it really works thanx alot

  23. 23 Kid

    I have a nokia 6120c. I want to install fexplorer, but “certificate error”. Please help me !!!

  24. 24 Kim

    If me download turbo msn there are update error n say install base package first..

  25. 25 Sunny

    I have an N82 and was having the same problem. I called Nokia support to register my phone and also get some help with the discussed issue. I was told that registering the phone should fix the issue and it did. Interesting huh?!


    Same probs “Certificate error. Please contact etc etc…” on N95 8GB.
    Had probs with other progs similar. Tried various hacks but no use…
    Why do some progs not need certs and others do? Makes no sense…!

  27. 27 mohamed saleh

    works perfectly

    thank u

  28. 28 james PHILIPPINES

    ohh my gosh! it works for my n95…

    i am so thankful1!! ive changed it to 2007

  29. 29 Happy Chappie UNITED KINGDOM

    Thanks for the tip on Expired Certificate. It was very useful

  30. 30 Ivan

    HEY when I wanna install any .sis file on my mobile it says CERTIFICATE ERROR. My phone is sponsored By VODAFONE does this have anything to do with this ?


  31. 31 Murtaza OMAN

    Nice, but there is also another way around. .Go to “Settings” > “App. mgr.” or “Installations” > “App. mgr.” then Select “Option” > “Configuration” and Change “Software installation” from “Signed only” to “All”. Thats it. It is easy but beware only install softwares you’re sure about.

  32. 32 Zaheer SRI LANKA

    Thanks Rusik Its working perfectly in my N73 ME.This was big problem for me last few months.

  33. 33 maulin INDIA

    thaks dear its working on n95

  34. 34 pritesh mohan
  35. 35 subhash

    Works perfect.
    Did small analysis!!
    First I changed the date to XX.XX.2005. It didnt work. Changed the month. Again didnt work. (Thanks to James)Then I changed to year to 2007 and it worked!!!!. While installing, i saw the license information, and saw that the application is launched in 2006.

    Conclusion: I guess that most of these applications are launched in the market during 2007. So, whenever you are changing the date, see when is the application launched in the market and take the dates which are near to it.

  36. 36 prakash

    thanks, it worked great on N82

  37. 37 AM

    i try to install rotate_Me on my nokia mobile phone N95 8GB but it give me certificated error untill delay the year help me……

  38. 38 actlikeking

    hi! thanks a lot,,, for info..this big help for me ask new user of N series phone,..


    Thanks dude, I was tired of changin’ the date, but at last I did it …

    God bless ya, man!

  40. 40 kunal INDIA

    The settings tip was a good fix.

  41. 41 MEESUM

    it works with n73me hmm tell me i think it dosent work just joking it works fine
    thankyou man
    god BLESS you + ME

  42. 42 kelsaa UNITED KINGDOM

    have tried all of these like change date and turn of cert check and still dont work on my n95 8gb. now it says unable to install untrusted programme. help

  43. 43 kelsaa UNITED KINGDOM

    can anyone sign and certificate this for me if not what is the best way. cant get web adress off to use symbian sign

  44. 44 aboutawm

    Change the date to 04-04-2007 and install the application. then change the date back to the current date.
    It’s amazing guys, Thanks a lot guys.

  45. 45 AboSmra

    at the first it didn’t work for me but…I tryed anothere year and it worked thanks a lot:D
    and for those who didn’t work with them(try the way i did)

  46. 46 kelsaa UNITED KINGDOM

    have tried so many different dates and still no luck

  47. 47 louie viloria

    wooooooooooow its elegant thanks i do it first check your mobile info then please make it enjoy

  48. 48 Meex

    Thanks! I changed the date it stil gave me the error until i changed my signed only to all and boom. Am using 6120c

  49. 49 Margaret

    how abt nokia E66, change date still cant’ install


    Best Way to do that is Go to “Settings” > “App. mgr.” or “Installations” > “App. mgr.” then Select “Option” > “Configuration” and Change “Software installation” from “Signed only” to “All”. Thats it. It is easy but beware only install softwares you’re sure about.

    thanks to murtaza

  51. 51 ardian

    Its not working in my E61i. After changing the year to 2006 the error message while installing is ”certificate may have expired and there is error in your date setting”.

  52. 52 misa CZECH REPUBLIC

    just look at the date of file u want to install and set it on your phone. that’s all

  53. 53 veki

    wow!! thanks a lot!!

  54. 54 Darren IRELAND

    works on my E51 when i change my date to 2007. :)

  55. 55 Volcano

    Thanks For Info

  56. 56 pancxo

    WOw it is so easy !! thank you VERY much

  57. 57 Vi Hong UNITED STATES

    hey i encountered a problem like this but not the expired certificate one. I have had many certificate errors need to contact certificate technician or something like that
    can you help me?

  58. 58 blerim

    is not working at my e66 why…

  59. 59 APC


  60. 60 HOHOI

    very easy..!!
    i take long time to solve this fxxking problm…!!

  61. 61 redpepper007

    Mar 29th, 2008 at 3:36 am

    Just check the date of your file was modified, for example if it was 4/12/2006 change date in ur phone on 4/15/2006 and it will work!!!

    thanks, it worked for me, nokia 6120 classic here :) thanks dude :D

  62. 62 Snippa

    Hi, i have used every single thing pplz mentioned in here however still not working with nokia n95 8gb the software im trying to install is Rout66 ..anyone could help brother out? greatly appreciated

  63. 63 GundamZax PHILIPPINES

    thank you very much it worked on my n82
    i just change years from either 2006 or 2007
    some progs was installed on year 2006 and others on 2007

  64. 64 marklijay

    thank you.i already installed my media safe

  65. 65 Sajid Khan

    not working! a very childish solution, that didn’t work!

  66. 66 Kavi

    Hi guys, the latest firmware doesn’t allow expired certificates to be installed. Try doing to Find drakkarious and download it.
    It should work.

  67. 67 gunjit malhotra

    its not working buddy

  68. 68 john khamis

    I have problems opening my attachments on my yahoo e.mail,what can I do to access them without navigator being blocked.

  69. 69 andrei REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA

    tnx murtaza

  70. 70 Krish

    Change date to 12/12/2007. You will be able to install most of the applications

  71. 71 Mhd

    i have a nokia n78 the date thing dose not work and this time gives some other error

  72. 72 Mhd

    i tried every thing on this page it did not work for me i have nokia n78

  73. 73 skyle

    hey guys, i did it with my nokia n82. it works. just change the year on the calendar of your fone backward till you reach the date it was valid or better if you can see the details of the apps. after you install it, put the current date back or else some apps might be affcted.

  74. 74 smn MALAYSIA

    it doesn’t work on my n78,

  75. 75 Chathura

    I changed the date.but it doesnt work properly.i’m getting error “expired certificate” again in my nokia n73me.

  76. 76 Sajid Khan Ibrahimkhel

    I knew it will never work. An ineffective and immature approach!

  77. 77 yam TAIWAN

    that was so helpful for all user’s on N73, keep it on!!! thanks a lot

  78. 78 muralidhar

    i have new version software of nokia n73.. i changed date but not able to install fexplorer// could you please help me out of this problem//

  79. 79 uzair ali ahmad

    thanks for providing valuable information. i really appreciate u. i check the date on the properties of the software on pc and then set same date in mobile phone n73. it worked.

  80. 80 Abby

    a lot of thanks…ive been having a problems with certificates too!

  81. 81 adith

    thanks a ton :D works perfectly on the n82 with year as 2007

  82. 82 gizmoya INDIA

    nice thanks

    try this link :

    for more tricks and download updated games and application

    thanks you

  83. 83 senat

    you really help me thanks alot

  84. 84 shahid

    there is messege on my n95 mobile,certificate expired.i am not able to installsymmy software.please help me.thanks

  85. 85 edward JORDAN

    i’ve 5800 xpressmusic. i’ve faced the certificate error many times, and i’ve tried working out on the date settings - the years (2005, 06, 07, 08, 09) and also have played the months (jan till dec) - but still it none of them worked. Then i’ve tried the *Go to “Settings” > “App. mgr.” or “Installations” > “App. mgr.” then Select “Option” > “Configuration” and Change “Software installation” from “Signed only” to “All”* yet nothing.

    i guess i’ve tried most of the obvious solution, i wonder what more can i get through.. by the way, i’ve even tried checking the details. sends out to who could ever fix this thing.


  86. 86 edward JORDAN

    just to let everybody know, i finally got it… the thing worked after resetting it to its basic settings. for those who couldnt make it work as i was sometime ago, just pull your SIM and Memory card off the phone, then reset the phone, keep its region as “Hong Kong,” there you have it… place both the cards in back to the phone. voila!!!

    things are really complicated, but if you need more of the COMPLI-answers, you gotta lot of forums to run to…

    Cheers everyone!!!

    one more thing, just an advice though, dont be afraid to crack your gadget, you’ll never know what happens next if you dont risk it. besides, that’s where the thrill of getting MODERN brains working! No offense, just a fact.. ;)

  87. 87 bassam

    guys i found the solution if u want to know what is year u must put
    tupe on your phone *#0000# then u can show the year of your phone then go to clock setting and change the date to the same phone date :)

  88. 88 jamdre19 UNITED STATES

    First attempt it did not work. However after changing the dates a lot I finally got MobiTubia4 to work for *01/01/08*
    Thanks for the general idea to the solution. Changing the dates do work!=]

  89. 89 ufone

    doesn’t work with my nokia e50 i was change the date and only to all but still cer. error in e50 i was update my firmewire ver.

  90. 90 restovarius

    very good post.
    it works on my E51,

  91. 91 Garvin THAILAND

    I had to try several dates and months.. I checked the date the file was modified and set the date for near that date and it did finaly allow me to install the application.

    Thankyou for ths elegant simple solution.. PPhone is N76

  92. 92 Munna

    Excellently done….but the year 2007 seems to be the right solution…

  93. 93 Ankit

    hey by changing date some softwares works (which used to show expired certifeate) but still some of them shows certificate error

    what do i do??????

    I have Nokia N 73 Music Edition

  94. 94 Ankit

    Please reply soon

  95. 95 Almuntaser UNITED KINGDOM

    Thanx Murtaza, The settings you mentioned worked for my N95 8GB.

  96. 96 Hasan Zaheer

    thanks alot yar, i had also the same problem of certification expire

  97. 97 indra

    it’s work, thank you
    if 2007 doesnt work, try 2006,2008 or 2005

  98. 98 PUneet

    thanks a lot

  99. 99 Mohid

    Please help me i have a nokia 5220 and there is built in windows live messenger and it says certifcate expired and there is problem with time and date..please please help me..i really wanna use this application!!

  100. 100 James AUSTRALIA

    mine stil says certificate may not yet be valid is expired on phonesdate settings may be incorreect pllzzz help me

  101. 101 nisrin

    2007 didn’t work
    So I put 2008 :]


  102. 102 miljan

    it’s not working on my nokia 6120c,first two pictures are nokia s60v3 and the last three pictures are nokia s60v2

  103. 103 miljan

    i solved the problem…visit this site….… this arhive and there is a video in it,just folow the istructions…

  104. 104 chriss ROMANIA

    hey people….i have a nokia 5800 EM, an i’ve got the same problem. i try to install .sis software and i get ther error “certificate expired”. i tried changing the phone’s date to an earlyer point and i get the error “certificate may not yed be valid, is expired or phone date settings may be incorrect. i’ts driving me crazy. i just bought this phone, and already i feel like smashing it against the wall. plzz…save a nokia’s life and give me an advice:))…thx alot.

  105. 105 sam

    thanx a lot dude really works on n73 me

  106. 106 karl UNITED KINGDOM

    I tried every date config and no joy (BUT) if you go to for nokia and look at the date the application was posted or ceated in my case 11/01/2008 and change the date on your phone to this older date and bingo it works for n95 8gb for: brown sunset theme really nice one does give a warning about untrusted site etc but well worth it, best theme ever!! Go on give it a go if your phone is new you have nothing to loose!!

  107. 107 oke

    mine works at 2008… im using N95.. thanks everyone for your suggestions and help.. i almost give-up trying different dates but patience is a virtue.. hehe!!

  108. 108 bryar

    Thanks so much, I really appreciate

  109. 109 Tarun Kapupara

    Thank you But I Know That Very Well

  110. 110 alim

    guys, mine is E71, i try 2005,2006,2007,2008 all give the same result,
    till i change to 2008 it give different report,
    it says unable to install,component build-in,
    anyone can help me.??please…
    Thanks alot..

  111. 111 Kyung Jin

    just change the date of your phone 1 year the date the app is nodified or created…thats how simple it is…

  112. 112 virusuck MALAYSIA

    how t fix expired certificate error for nokia 5700

  113. 113 virusuck MALAYSIA

    how to fix expired certificate for nokia 5700

  114. 114 alim

    thanks so much for the help,but how i know about the date of the program was created?? sorry to trouble u …. im a nobie….

  115. 115 patricia davies

    I have a nokia n73 and have tried all the suggestions and it won’t work. I have mini opera and when i try to install it it says that mini opera is set at the wrong date. even when i download on the internal browser it keeps saying expired certificate even when i’ve changed the date settings. please help as i cannot upgrade ebuddy or mini opera.

  116. 116 sujath

    hey there people..i have a N79 n tried everything..but i always got the result “update error” so what should i do?……….please tell me

  117. 117 Ram

    N95 doesnot work after chnageing several dates and download settign to off

  118. 118 Gabru AUSTRALIA

    Guys I tried the above option for a Virtual Radio Application. It did not work for 2005 . 2006 or 2007 (june). Just checked the release date of the software which was Oct’07 and changed mobile system date to Nov 07 and it worked!So may be we have to choose a date which is close to the software release date. Cheers!!

  119. 119 tomcat

    thank u dude… changing the date helped :)

  120. 120 sunny

    i have n73m,i forgate password of minisd 2gb,as previous version it was working but after 6-7 month my phone getting re-started automatically and hang,i thought this may be resion of old version,but i forgate that i put password on memory card.I have update the fireware and my n73 is working fine,but its not taking the memory card,asking for password and same i forgate of memory card.
    On google search i saw the fxplore but i’m unable to install,its giving me “certificate error contact application supplier” error,please help me i don’t want to loss my data its last memory of my first love,please try to understand at any cost i want this data,

    Please Help Me….
    Please Help Me….

  121. 121 Mark

    Mi nokia 6120c is saying dat der is a certificate error when i tried to install LandscapePro 1.5…
    Please help…

  122. 122 twitter fan CANADA

    It works with my N95 8GB just adjust your date to 2007

  123. 123 ketan INDIA

    plese my problem solve in n73 ererr……………

  124. 124 Peter Moon

    Does anyone know how to update a themes certificate dates?

  125. 125 constantinos

    2005 and 2006 gave me different errors
    certificate may not yet be valid is expired or phone’s date setting may be incorrect
    so i changed it to 2007 and it worked! hehe.. thanks though!

  126. 126 rakesh AUSTRALIA

    thnks for help for this problam

  127. 127 rohan butt

    thank u…..! ur suggestion actually worked…
    thanks again…..

  128. 128 deepak INDIA

    it does not work for nokia E63. if any one has rhe solution pls reply.

  129. 129 Mark

    i tried it didnt work i need help and fast

  130. 130 Mark

    but i hav nokia 5800

  131. 131 zainab

    hi i have a nokia 5320 and i didn’t break the certificate yet and now i
    m using it without breaking it but some app. doesn’t work with it, all i have is a msg saying” certificate may yet not be valid or mobile setting is incorrect” please help me i want to get my mobile better than ever

  132. 132 Mayank INDIA

    I am using N73 ME and i change the date to june 2007 and then it Worked for me……:)


    Managed to change the date alright, but when I try installing the app I changed the date for, it gives me a message saying “Update error”. If anyone can help here, it’d be appreciated. Otherwise I’m throwing this damned thing into the nearest river and buying a Sony.

  134. 134 Abdullah INDIA

    i have nokia e63
    if i want to install any software or any theme it show certificate error or file not support.

  135. 135 Naxxi

    at last!!!! i fixed this certificate bug….
    way to go, bro!
    Thanks so much….

  136. 136 prashnat INDIA

    mey i use n73
    i also change date and time but
    fexplorer dos not work so
    plz help me????

  137. 137 Vikas AUSTRALIA

    Hi everyone,
    If u are getting Certificate Error on installing any software on your mobile…I have a solution for you in detail with screenshots. And its 100% working seriously…it works with my N82, 5800, N96 and N97..I have posted this solution on my own blog i.e. Just have a look once i m not just sure but DAMN sure it will sort out things for you.

    Take care everyone,
    Thanx & Regards,

  138. 138 santosh INDIA


    i have tried every thing..on my n97…but nothing was working..

    finally i checked the properties of that software and set the date of my N97 as the date which i saw in software’s properties.

    and it worked…

  139. 139 rajkumar gurung


  140. 140 Greg

    Thanks it works for my Nokia n73

  141. 141 Darshan Gajjar UNITED STATES

    It’s not working in Nokia N73 (My phone).
    Do you have any other option for that, please reply..

  142. 142 sameer AUSTRALIA

    good one year great thanks :)

  143. 143 Nishi

    What has to be done when ‘CERTIFICATE ERROR’ is indicated???please do reply!i really need to know!Thanks in advance..=)

  144. 144 Nishi

    Oops i forgot to tell you!I’m using N5320 xpressmusic!

  145. 145 Albi

    hey man i dont know how to thank you so much.

  146. 146 aia

    worked on my phone! e63. thanks! changed the date to april 2007. thanks! :D

  147. 147 sameer 9811452842 AUSTRALIA

    what u need to do is change the date to year 2007, month could be may,june,july..
    then try it will work.

    and still if it does not and ur getting message like certifiate error or not passed

    go to aplications
    in that App. Manager
    18th dec 2009

  148. 148 reza

    there is not work in6220

  149. 149 alex

    I sign my applications on the site and it works really well.

  150. 150 abg

    i had d same prob wid ma E71..i changed the year to 2009 .. now it works perfectly!!

  151. 151 nawfal OMAN

    OMG, thank you very much I’ve been looking for solutions everywhere. I didnt know it was that simple

  152. 152 sapna INDIA

    you have to different years. if it doesnt work for 2007, try 2008 or any other year. it will definitely work. you only have to find the year for which it will not show error and start installation

  153. 153 Ali Raza

    nice it works great post keep it up

  154. 154 puneet AUSTRALIA

    it doesnot work for my nokia e66…. can sum1 plz help

  155. 155 destroying angel

    thnx bro it worked on my nokia n96

  156. 156 Sandeep_S INDIA

    Right click on filename.sis (filename.sis is name of the application you are going to install)
    1 select properties
    2 Note Modified Date
    3 Set same date on your mobile
    4 Restart your mobile
    5 Run filename.sis

    It should work !
    It worked on my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

  157. 157 Brian

    It iz working hurrah!!!!

  158. 158 hakkib UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

    i am using N97, any body can help me to install this, certificate error is coming

  159. 159 imam SAUDI ARABIA

    Thanking you in words is not the solution or remarks or comments you should get………..I SALUTE YOU………..i was searching 4 the solution but could not solve………U R D BEST……thanx man ….I REALLY ….not getting words….

  160. 160 ertertwe AZERBAIJAN

    didnt work for N95

  161. 161 Anj INDIA

    @ abg:

    A few applications got installed for the year 2009.. Thanks a lot..

    this is applicable to all the E71 users..

  162. 162 fahad

    Thank you so much, it really solved my problem of expired certificate ….setting back date to year 2007, its working on my nokia E61i phone :)

  163. 163 akash

    Thank you god bless you it solved my c.expires prob. and i have installed my favorite game and applications

  164. 164 Chandan Pandey AUSTRALIA

    Thanks a ton dude…….

  165. 165 Neo PORTUGAL

    Thanks a Lot!

    If not Work! See The .sis file details and check the date!

  166. 166 Derick

    Format the Nokia 5800, E61i

    Access to touch keypad and enter *#7370# secret code (not so secret, anyway) to restore phone settings to factory default (even the user data and files are deleted).

    Next, you’re prompted to enter the Nokia phone lock code. The default is 12345, if this code hasn’t been changed by yourself or any one.

    Then, the phone restarts and you’ve to select the country region (just select your own country from the list, in this case), followed by request to enter current date and time.

    When the phone is ready, power it off again to re-insert the memory card (for highly safety measure, unless there are nothing important kept in the memory card, e.g. picture, music, documents, etc).

    As the phone is switched on again with memory card inserted, the “preparing memory card” message appears.

    Finally, I’m happy to be able install all my wanted Nokia 5800 programs and games without getting the “Expired Certificate” error message that says “Certificate may not yet be valid, is expired or phone’s date setting may be incorrect” :-)

  167. 167 Z

    Doesn’t work. Never did work for more then 10% of us who encountered this problems.

    No one knows how to shut off this damn certificate feature??

  168. 168 yasar

    Doesnt work for my N82!can someone help please



  170. 170 tenma

    guys i follow the instruction above but the result is the same “CERTIFICATE ERROR Contact your supplier”

  171. 171 piyush

    To solve the problem goto Application Manager > Options > Settings and set “Online Certificate check” = Off and Software Installation = All.

  172. 172 Abhishek Tyagi

    i m having problem in opening adobe reader in my nokia e63. every time i try message appears as user problem 11.
    and no new version is getting installed as the message shows while installing new one - inbuilt application -.
    so what should i do?
    pls help

    [email protected]

  173. 173 landongpinas AUSTRALIA

    whoa…i recently installed some applications but it doesn appearin the application menu…how to find them?

  174. 174 Hari Dendi

    How to open certificate error to go to my email address n FB?

  175. 175 Benjamin

    Wicked, i couldnt install skype on my nokia nav because of the certificate error, al i had to do was change the date and time ect…

  176. 176 Jawwad Ahmed

    its not working on my e61i and i dont want to lose my documents or important massages and recorded calls on refresh. its herritating me, waht i do?

  177. 177 Jawwad Ahmed

    wowww. thats gr8…
    thank you fahad, i didnot read you befor reply but its done in my E61i also. thank u all and fahad.

  178. 178 surendra

    i have nokia 5800 changing date didn’t work in installing .sis files
    i try reseting it work for some day after sume day it happens same problem of expired certificate what can i do?

  179. 179 rishi

    thanks a lot …..if u have any prblm just let me knw

  180. 180 junaid UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

    i want to install nimbuzz on nokia E63 but its showing certificate error

  181. 181 Rana Amjad Ali

    i try this trick but it is not work.

  182. 182 heartless

    thanks aloooooooooot mate u rock!!!

  183. 183 pinky

    thank u so very much it worked i m so grateful………

  184. 184 Seoul

    you are a genius!

  185. 185 Pawel UNITED KINGDOM

    Sometimes you have to do the exact opposite. Check the date and change it to todays date.

  186. 186 Desty AUSTRALIA

    Thank you sooo much………: D

  187. 187 azam

    Hi All… nice applications.. my way to sole it.. by change the year or month into 2006 2007 or 2008 or what u think u should use.. keep it trying by changing year.. for many time i tried.. it`s work on software when i keeping change the year to another year and again and again.. so good luck. - all OS users -

  188. 188 MIHIT

    i getting some certification error in my e63 does not installed any software plz help me

  189. 189 vinod

    Thanks a lot. Your solution worked for me.
    Simply click on the view details of the application to be installed, check the date and time and set your phone to that date and time.
    Then install.

  190. 190 anurag INDIA

    in my nokia 63 there is problem to download new thems
    there is a certficate error show
    please help me

  191. 191 ronit

    hey buddy my n958gb knows that iv changed my date & suggest me2change my date settings hehe.Plz buddy help me its been ma prob since a year

  192. 192 ronit

    hey buddy its ok i changed my date 2009 it worked n95 8gb guyz try changing yo years

  193. 193 fahd

    Thankuuuu very much, u rock

  194. 194 Monnapula Jacob Maijane

    Dear sir/Madam

    I am using Nokia 5230 i keep on geeting mail that say my certificate has expired how can i solve this problem

  195. 195 Haggag

    This didn’t work for me but here is what worked:
    Go to the TOOLS.
    Then move to Menu >> Tools >> SETTINGS >> Applications >> APP Manager >> Software INSTALLATION.
    Now here you have to change here one setting which is “SIGNED ONLY” to “ALL”.

  196. 196 gyan

    Hello Guys
    This is very important……

    i found the solution if u want to know what is year u must put tupe on your phone *#0000# then u can show the year of your phone then go to clock setting and change the date to the same phone date…
    It’s really work… do it now… :)

  197. 197 Tasvvir

    Is another way…
    Afghanistan - kabul

  198. 198 Raudray

    Im using Nokia N 5230. i tried a lot the same option. but i can’t. Could anyone can help me?

  199. 199 Rahsek

    Hi all,

    Let me focus to all problems,

    Basically the application validity period is specified. Many phones frequently get this ”certificate error” frequently. I also had it on my nokia e90 communicator. Many of u have tried to change date n workrd for very few. For others the reasons may be:
    - your phone’s manufacture date is latest than that of application and dor this changed date shows the date related errors in phones. For this as some friends said check and try by making to phone’s manufacture date
    - may be due to some app certificate erors. For this the app signing by sis signer or other signing methods and installation may work.

    I dont think there is specific way to eliminate this error. So try these two ways. You might get lucky. For me 2nd method sometimes work.

    - the sure shot method may be hacking/cracking your device. This method is available in many blogs so google it and works for many/almost all other app as well
    I haven’t tried this one as i don’t want to get my stuff hacked.

    P.S. Go to hell with the administrator who don’t respont to such a critical field. You don’t deserve to be adminidtrator.

  200. 200 coolnessp INDIA

    This is how you can crack it. you need to do this only once. You never need to change your dates after this or even bother about certificate expiration or certificate errors while installing games or apps.,23866.0.html

  201. 201 $h@dow ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN

    Thanks a lot
    It was increadible

  202. 202 Mahaveer

    Thanks for Help. Its working formy N80

  203. 203 pierre

    Als je geen installatie- of certificaatfouten meer wil hebben installeer dan gewoon drakkarious(mobile hack).
    Lees via internet via drakkariuos hacking de voorschriften en installeer alles wat je maar wilt,tis echt gemakkelijk.

  204. 204 Darrell

    It never worked for me. I tried all the methods, yet it didn’t work. Strange thing was, I self-signed the application with my own certificate that expires in 2013. Now’s the year 2010, yet when I try to install the application my Nokia E63 says “Expired Certificate”. Can anyone help me with this irritating problem?

  205. 205 rajendra

    i am having n93 mobile and it is howing certificate error
    while installinf fexplorer on it and i also forgot password of memory card
    suggest me any method to recover it
    i have changed date and from Menu >> Tools >> SETTINGS >> Applications >> APP Manager >> Software INSTALLATION also done but it didant work suggest me any method

  206. 206 surender

    i tried your idea of removing expired certificate problem.
    but when i tried, it did not work in my nokia n73.
    plz make my solution of this problem.
    sand my the solution soon.
    surender chauhan

  207. 207 SdfSDF INDONESIA



    Use sisware to find date of expiry,then set the phone date before expiry.100% working

  209. 209 SMAr2wo

    For N95 8GB will not work. But is working with “hellocarbide”. Search on google this..and you will find some steps to eliminate the problem. Pay attention!! Do not make anymore firmware update (PC Suite update) on n95 8gb!!! 35.00.001 or above/beyond is a dummmy! You will have a lot of problems, including certificate error!

  210. 210 megoalaa


  211. 211 sulthan UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

    am not able to install media sage software in my mokia e71 even after tried your technique , its shows certificate error

  212. 212 cmnsat™

    lot’s of thanks sir…………

    again lot’s of thanks………

  213. 213 gax

    I’m sorry but everything written is not working for me, I tried it all but it wouldn’t install .jar file in my nokia e61i

    I’m so tired of trying.


  214. 214 Deadseeds

    For e66 change the year to 2009. I changed mine to 12-04-2009. It worked. I was so frustrated at first but then it worked. Thanx.

  215. 215 nilesh

    I HAVE NOKIA N72 RM-180 V5.0819.4.0.1 DATE 07-05-08



  216. 216 rushna

    i tried this …its no help going back in time :s
    i have nokia E66 cudnt install themes it showed ‘certificate error’
    go to menu > installations > App.mgr. >options > settings
    and there switch the ’software installation’ to ‘All’ and turn online certificate check off.
    i dont get these warnings now :D hope it helped.

  217. 217 le doux POLAND

    i am cameroonian i have also problem of certificat with my e50 please help

  218. 218 ali UNITED KINGDOM

    i have n95 and i m trying to install msn but it says expired certificate . can any1 help me with this please thanks

  219. 219 KASHIF


  220. 220 Asgar


    I tried all the above dates but its not working on my nokia n73. The sis file last updates date is 11/2/2009. I have changed my cell date as 14/2/2009 but its not working.

    Please help me

  221. 221 virtual dj

    Wonderful!!! Bookmarked this page that has this striking guidance. Will arrive back to see if there are any updates. You, the author, are a master. Thanks

  222. 222 SAN DA ROKSTR

    doesn’t work on my E90.WHY????

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