emTube - YouTube Player

Finally you are able to watch ALL YouTube videos on your mobile !!

em Tube

Program Features:

-Search & browse video clips on YouTube
-Download selected videos on to your phone.
-Stream Flash Video files directly from YouTube.
-Play local Flash Video files
-Audio and position control during playback.
-Normal and full screen (portrait and landscape mode) video playback.
-Ability to use built in accelerometer to rotate video between portrait/landscape mode

There is a special version for Nokia N95

Download emTube for Nokia N95

Download emTube for S60 3rd Edition Phones

Developer’s Web Site

If you have any questions; please write them in comments

43 Responses to “emTube - YouTube Player”

  1. 1 Dave

    Awesome. Trying it now…

  2. 2 popy PORTUGAL

    on my N95 if i play the video during buffering , it shutters.. my advice is: only press “Play” when the video is fully loaded


    I would just like to say, the reason this application may have steered clear from the recent public events would be because of the sheer amounts of bugs. It litterelly invaded my phone and had to hard reset the phone and memory eventually. In the beginning it was amazing. The integration with the othe nokia applications i.e. videocentre was where things went wrong. The two cannot run on the same phone without interrupting the core of the programme. Maybe just my phone (N95 8GB), or maybe a universal bug. It is a slowly developing bug and not apparent immediately. Let me know your views on this. Thanks.

  4. 4 Michael UNITED KINGDOM

    i have this on my E65 the video is a bit jumpy though and can get a bit out of sync

  5. 5 Abdul

    Wats snyc? I don’t understand this thing.

  6. 6 Michael UNITED KINGDOM

    it means synchronised. if its out of sync then the sounds does not match the video. e.g. hearing someone saying a word then a few seconds later their mouth moves

  7. 7 Amar Khan

    I just want to say, emTube has been the best software for n95 so far. The software has been working fine for me. One suggestion for developers, it would be great if you had option to browse files in My Gallery and integrate it with emtube software. At the moment you have to run emtube and then browse files in order to play them.
    Keep up the good work guys.

  8. 8 nezar JORDAN

    I tried it on my E61 and its no good at all!if i play video during
    download it shutters very badly ! and i tried to download and store
    the video on memory card but afterwards i couldn`t find it! it wont
    work coz its an unknown format !
    so totaly useless application! and i recommend this link:

    you can log into it using your original nokia browser for
    downloading and streaming youtube videos.

  9. 9 heya

    It won’t play it because Nokia phones won’t understand the codec it’s been saved with..
    You have to play the downloaded clips with the emTube: Options-> open local file..

    If the connection is slow then it might stutter when playing during download.

  10. 10 donn UNITED STATES

    All you have to do is go to m.vtap.com and then you can see ANY video on the net!! WAY BETTER and not only view, but DOWNLOAD THEM TOO!!!

    I have n95 with the newest firmware. 20.0.15

    Thought I would share!

  11. 11 Sam

    Just installed it on my E61i. It worked great. Donn, you can search, stream, and save the videos too. As Amar Khan said, it would be better if the developer found a way to integrate it into gallery and got the phone to recognize it. Great work from the developer. Thanks!

  12. 12 Afsor miah UNITED KINGDOM

    cannot find the file the videos save to!..

  13. 13 Xtag

    Well, I installed it on N81 8gb but it give error when i try to play it is very unstable and doesnt know what it is doing … there should be a better application than this same as you have in iPHONE….


  14. 14 Slobs UNITED STATES

    At the beggining emtube was amazing I could watch everything. Later on maybe 6 hours later my phone broke. Just kept restaring I could not turn it on. I had to wait some time to turn it on and quicky restart the whole phone. After I refreshed software phone was working fine. I am using N95 and I do not see em tube as a good application. Be aware I think too many bugs are there.

  15. 15 fonzie from philippines PHILIPPINES




  16. 16 Sam

    Version 1.0.10 works great on my E61i! All bugs gone.
    The developer is a genius! Many thanks!

  17. 17 bamkan TURKEY

    It is an amazing software, thanks a lot…

  18. 18 afsor miah UNITED KINGDOM

    thanks to the developer,em tube is cool,but i want nokmote can anyone help.thanx

  19. 19 mark UNITED KINGDOM

    Hi when i download a video it dose not play its a flv formate any one help??

  20. 20 Filippo

    Ho scaricato più volte il programma em tube x il mio cellulare nokia e 65 ma non è possibile installare xke alla fine del procedimento esce errore x il certificato contattare il gestore.come risolvere il problema?

  21. 21 ajay INDIA

    hi everyone….emtube is damn good for my n95…..good work by de developers

  22. 22 albi

    this is great!

  23. 23 Rayne

    emtube doesnot work on my n95

  24. 24 shoeb

    Can I download .flv video from youTube?
    Please help me?

  25. 25 muneem SAUDI ARABIA

    thank you

  26. 26 mariusz ROMANIA

    doesnt work. its bullshit. On my E51 show expired certificate

  27. 27 TaranQ

    EnTube WAS Awesome, but because of pressure by Youtube the developer has stopped conitueing to work on emTube and as Youtube has now changed codecs, the last public emTube version doesn’t play Youtube vid’s anymore. A big shame as it used to be my favourite symbian app back in the good old days that it used to work….

  28. 28 Lucian ROMANIA

    my nokia 6124classic restarts every time the emtube download soft is completing installing. why? after the phone restarts, the application is not installed. and i can’t see online neither? why?

  29. 29 Ishan

    Its not working at all.
    it gives a error “network operator 404″

  30. 30 nokian82forall NETHERLANDS

    Do I have to sign this app? because I get an expired certificate popup..? can anyone help me?

  31. 31 Qboid

    Yes, same hear it says it has expired
    How do you get it signed

  32. 32 maimoXDD SWEDEN

    It is expired on my too :( Is it beacuse I have N82?

  33. 33 maimoXDD SWEDEN

    Hey I found a FAQ webbsite :D!


  34. 34 alphons AUSTRALIA

    just change the year to 2008 in ur calendar.. can do this for other apps too..

  35. 35 Wattsy

    If you get expired certificate, change the date on your phone to some time in the past, for em tube I tried 1/5/08 and the certificate works.. however the program is not working for me yet, I’m working on it!

  36. 36 daof

    good man

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