Daylight Saving Time Update For Symbian 3rd Edition Devices

Finally Nokia has made an update for DST (Daylight Saving Time Update). Don’t forget to restart your phone after installation..

Nokia’s Description;

The date of the “Daylight saving time” will be changing in certain countries during 2007. This application updates database in the device containing the daylight saving time dates.

This will help e.g. in avoiding a conflict in calendar synchronisation if the device and PC are having a different time. Please restart your device after installation for the changes to take effect.

Nokia E60 - Download the patch

Nokia E61 - Download the patch

Nokia E50 - Download the patch

Nokia E70 - Download the patch

Nokia N73 - Download the patch

Nokia N80 - Download the patch

Nokia N91 - Download the patch

Nokia N93 - Download the patch

15 Responses to “Daylight Saving Time Update For Symbian 3rd Edition Devices”

  1. 1 Robert Nicholson UNITED STATES

    So Nokia hasn’t attempted at all to push these changes into any recent firmware updates? For instance…V4.632.038 doens’t have the newer database?

  2. 2 Satyam S UNITED STATES

    I am having a Nokia N70. Can someone help me with a patch

  3. 3 Barry

    Thank you so much for posting this patch. This time error has been bugging me ever since the new DST thing happened, and this patch fixed it after a lot of other frustrating tries. Thanks again!! You are a saint.

  4. 4 Jay

    I having this issue syncing with Outlook 2003 as well with my Nokia 6265i. Are there any updates available for this Telus phone?

  5. 5 michael jacobs UNITED STATES

    where can i find n71 games and apps?

  6. 6 Alexa - Portugal PORTUGAL

    is there a download link for nokia E61i or is my 1 week old phone already update about this app?

  7. 7 Brian donnelly


    Do you have a daylight savings patch for the Nokia N95? I see one for all of the others but not the N95…

    The calendar sync is driving me crazy!


  8. 8 Betty Duperray UNITED STATES

    I do not see an answer the the question from Alexa from Portugal who asked about the E61i. Is it the same as for the E61?


  9. 9 Ahim AUSTRALIA

    Do you have a daylight savings patch for the Nokia N95?

  10. 10 Versicherungen vergleichen UNITED STATES

    Thanks, you wrote wonderfull.

  11. 11 Alroger Filho

    How come I don’t see any updates for 2008?!??!?!
    What’s the problem with Nokia neglecting this? Most countries now days have variable DST, and we need corrections every year!
    Any ideas anyone?

  12. 12 Symbian Blogger

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  13. 13 Goldston UNITED STATES

    The black keys for the win. Such an amazing band with amazing album.

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