Best Full Screen Caller v2.01

Do you want to see a person who is calling you more clearly and in details? Best Full Screen Caller will show you the big picture of a person when you are receiving a phone call if this person is stored in your contacts database.
During the call, Best Full Screen Caller shows a big picture and detailed information associated with the contact;

Best Full Screen Caller allows associating a big picture with each contact, group or even unknown caller. To set the picture, click Picture in the main view of the application, select the contact or the group and set the picture for them using menu item Select picture

Flexible layout options of Best Full Screen Caller allow customizing the appearance of the screen shown during the call. You can configure the following settings:

  • Backlight - normal or always on during a call
  • Text font
  • Picture size
  • Display mode - full screen mode, detail mode, full screen detail
  • Photo v-align - vertical align of photo
  • Photo h-align - horizontal align of photo
  • Caption v-align - vertical align of caption
  • Opacity - defines the transparency of list-box
  • Opacity highlight color - defines the color of list-box highlight
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Caption fields - allow choosing which information about the caller will be shown
  • Detail fields - allows showing or hiding fields in detail mode.

Download Here!

31 Responses to “Best Full Screen Caller v2.01”

  1. 1 Azmi

    after down loading the l cannot install to my nokia n80 above FSC software, me try to install thru Nokia Pc suite , Why the application is changing in to different format?

    thanks n regards.

  2. 2 mahmoud zeid

    After downloading , it do not work coz the certificate is over !! Is there any similar Free one for Nokia N73 ?

  3. 3 atol

    It’s a trial software..

  4. 4 Raju Balampaki

    After downloading , it do not work coz the certificate is over !! Is there any similar Free one for Nokia N73 ?

  5. 5 Dave

    If it says certificate expired, change the date on your phone to 1/1/2007 then try again.

    You can change the date back afterwards

    Works everytime

  6. 6 depak

    dear , could u please tell me how to use it with nokia N73
    is this software working in N73 or not?

  7. 7 gr8oNe

    hello…ive tried 2 download it n when its finished, there is nothing to install. Its just a note and asked me to save it. Its a rar file. What should i do? So could anyone fix or give any gud advise? Tq..

  8. 8 moley

    can sum1 tell me if dis software works wif n95 8GB? Cool software tho.. :”)

  9. 9 mai

    great, thanks

  10. 10 Sh.Mukhtar

    Pls send me best full screen caller n73 software full version

  11. 11 Raju

    After downloading , it do not work coz the certificate is over !! Is there any similar Free one for Nokia N73 ?

  12. 12 Rajiv Kumar AUSTRALIA

    when installed it show certification error
    it this software not working properly, why u r add on web site.

  13. 13 darkolemans

    Full caller - i chainge date to 01.01.2007 and it;s works, i complete install but i still have a small picture, i can not change picture size..what i can do…

  14. 14 Q.A.Khan

    After downloading fscaller , it do not work because the certificate Expire !! Any Free one for Nokia N80?

  15. 15 Q.A.Khan

    Please send me free full version of full screen caller for Nokia N80.

  16. 16 Tharik

    hi they, i download the smartmovie but there is no serial no. can u help me?

  17. 17 sameer

    HI Guys…that all are of no work…



  19. 19 tony

    after download it’s do not work!!!

  20. 20 kevin

    change ur date to 1-1-2007 then try to install ,ok.after installation
    u can change the date….ok…..

  21. 21 durvesh

    pls send me free full screen caller photo for n 73 this software is expired

  22. 22 mahendra

    i need a best full screen software

  23. 23 sagar

    very useful

  24. 24 nare AUSTRALIA

    wait &see


    this software helping of old person very old did not see the mobile screen

  26. 26 rahul AUSTRALIA

    it was an expired certificate….

  27. 27 safir INDIA

    hi plz send me n73 call recorder without beep sund and fs caller

  28. 28 mayank

    very good software.

  29. 29 Chris INDIA

    Plz sent full download site in the earth

  30. 30 vedavalli

    Hi sir,

    I am using nokia will support full screen caller in my mob.if yes plz send me the software

  31. 31 jackson

    is this software is worth to use ?
    iam getting the problem while installing , plz help me

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